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50 Cents Star-Studded Tycoon Weekend BEGINS In Houston, TX

Music mogul, 50 Cent, is hosting a star-studded weekend in Houston, Texas, for his charity foundation G-Unity.

50 Cent


In recent news, rapper and businessman 50 Cent, has announced he is having a star-studded weekend for his nonprofit organization, G-Unity.

The initial event begins today, August 25th, and carries a music fest, a comedy show afterparty, and more fun things.

Many stars will attend, such as for example B. Simone, Kat Williams, DC Young Fly, and Sammie.

The ONLY A Lil Bit rapper founded the G-Unity Foundation in 2003.

The business was created to greatly help low-income families in underserved communities to greatly help improve their standard of living.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather might be able to rekindle their friendship in the end because they squash a decade-long beef.

The raper announced on Instagram recently that Floyd is confirmed to be part of his upcoming Tycoon event on August 27th.

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