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50 Super Appropriate Adult COSTUMES

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Halloween can be an exciting time, specifically for those that enjoy wearing costumes. However, things have changed considerably so far as what’s considered acceptable with regards to costumes. Many once-popular costumes have since fallen right out of favor to be offensive or in bad taste.

If youre thinking about wearing a costume to work, youll desire to be extra sure the main one you choose is suitable. This implies generally avoiding the following forms of costumes:

  • Costumes which are culturally insensitive: Native American, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc
  • Costumes which are insulting to certain body types, disabilities or appearances (fat suits, etc)
  • Costumes which are tight, revealing, or sexy
  • Costumes which have obscene or offensive language or subject material
  • Costumes which are gory or overly scary
  • Costumes which make it difficult to go around, such as for example inflatable costumes or costumes with large accessories
  • Costumes with a mask that covers the complete face
  • Costumes involving religion or religious figures

We scoured the net to get costumes that might be super befitting work. These costumes are work-friendly and invite for full visibility and mobility. And on top of that, theyre easy! Some are simply t-shirts or onesies, some are simply just headpieces. There are many full costumes aswell. So if youre looking for a costume for work, have a look at our set of 50 super appropriate adult Costumes for work.


Hello My Name Is Karen - I Need To Speak To The Manager Shirt

You cant get any simpler when compared to a t-shirt costume, which one will receive a laugh out of everybody!


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2. The Manager

Hello My Name Is Manager - Don't Tell Karen You Saw Me Shirt

In order to execute a costume as well as Karen (see above), you could be the manager.

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The Manager

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3. Composition Notebook

Group Costumes, Notebook Tee, Halloween Costumes For Teachers

Another great tee shirt costume!

Composition Notebook

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4. Snow White

Snow White

Virtually any princess is really a classic costume, but Snow White is among the OG Disney princesses.

Snow White

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5. Maleficent

Maleficent horns adult women halloween party costume

It is possible to wear this phenomenal headpiece and all black.


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6. Totoro


Another a breeze costume may be the onesie style zip it up over your regular clothes and BOOM costume! This Totoro one is adorable.


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7. 1920s Man

Mens Costume Peaky Blinders Gatsby

Peaky Blinders or Gatsby, old sport.

1920s Man

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8. Black Cat

Black Cat

Classic Halloween icon.

Black Cat

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9. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins

That is an incredible costume you obtain the complete Mary Poppins clothing outfit, in addition to the hat and parrot topper to put up any umbrella.

Mary Poppins

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10. Dinosaur


Another onesie costume dinosaurs are always fun and incredibly on trend at this time.


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11. Crayon


Wear this alone or get some good friends and create a whole box of crayons!


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12. Pink Lady

Womens 1950s Pink Satin Jacket with Neck Scarfs Halloween Cosplay Costume

All you need to accomplish is decide if you wish to be Frenchie, Jan, or Rizzo.

Pink Lady

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13. Butterfly


Open your arms and let everyone enjoy your majestic beauty! This includes antennae and a lacy nose and mouth mask.


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14. 80s Pattern

80's Pattern

Not technically a costume, but this maxi dress comes in a number of retro 1980s and 90s patterns. You can say youre a 1986 TrapperKeeper!

80s Pattern

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15. Waldo

Where's Waldo Wally Deluxe Adult or Youth Costume Set

Easy, classic, and fun.


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16. Skeleton Queen

amscan Gothic Skeleton Queen Halloween Costume for Women

This beautiful costume doesnt even need face paint, and its own totally work appropriate.

Skeleton Queen

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17. Beetlejuice

fun shack Black and White Striped Suit Horror Movie Character



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18. Butter


This over-the-body costume isnt too bulky or long, so its doable for work. Plusits butter!


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19. PacMan and Ghosts

Pac Man Halloween Costume

A good idea for an organization costume tops of Pac Man, the ghosts, a cherry and a strawberry.

PacMan and Ghosts

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20. Sunflower


Again, sometimes only a great headpiece is all you have to. Placed on a brown shirt and green pants for the entire effect.


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21. Renaissance Lady

Zhitunemi Renaissance Dress for Women Dress up Halloween Medieval Costume

It is possible to always re-wear it at your neighborhood Ren Faire.

Renaissance Lady

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22. Pokeball

Disguise Unisex Pokeball Classic Adult Costume

Another small form factor costume.


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23. Scarecrow

Adult Burlap Scarecrow Hat And Collar Set Unisex Halloween Costume Accessory

Another Halloween icon. You obtain the hat and collar. Wear a flannel plus some overalls and youre a scarecrow!

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24. Jedi

Halloween Costume Cosplay Costume Tunic Hooded Robe Halloween Cosplay Costume for Mens

This Jedi costume is on the expensive side, but handmade and exceptional it really is.


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25. Prairie Woman

Victorian Prairie women adult outfit costume

Any dress of the style (think cottagecore) qualifies as prairie or pioneer.

Prairie Woman

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26. Skeleton

Adult Unisex Skeleton Plush Pajamas Onesie

Another zip-up onesie. Ideal for chilly weather.

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27. Fairy

Fairy Dress (with Sleeves) - Women's ONE SIZE

A striking one-size-fits-all fairy dress. Put in a flower crown, wings, a wand endless possibilities!


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28. Bumble Bee

Forum Novelties Adult Bumble Bee Costume

This adorable fuzzy bee costume is under $20!

Bumble Bee

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29. Ketchup and Mustard

Ketchup and Mustard

For a couple of or duo, everyones favorite condiments!

Ketchup and Mustard

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30. Elvis

Elvis Now Deluxe Aloha Elvis Costume

An incredible jumpsuit worth the King.


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31. Sriracha Bottle

SRIRACHA BOTTLE Wtih Hat - funny halloween costume

Red t-shirt with the Sriracha emblem, and also a green beanie hat. Both could be worn again for non-costumed events.

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Sriracha Bottle

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32. Star Trek Officer

Star Ship Uniform Shirt - Red Yellow Blue Cartoon Animated- No Badge - STLD

This long sleeved shirt will come in Red, Yellow and Blue. Maybe dont get red

Buy on Etsy

Star Trek Officer

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33. 1950s Poodle Skirt

Adult Poodle Skirt Purple with Musical note printed Scarf

The skirt will come in plenty of colors and contains an elastic waistband for an almost universal fit.

Buy on Ebay

1950s Poodle Skirt

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34. Zombie

California Costumes Men's Zombie Hoodie Adult Costume

This hoodie plus some tattered pants are you will need for a straightforward and work-friendly zombie look.

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35. Charlie Brown

Charlie Yellow Zig Zag Mens halloween costume stripes Men's peanuts vintage nice brown Jersey Adult Polo Tee Shirt golf T-Shirt

Good grief, that is a straightforward costume.

Charlie Brown

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36. Pirate

ThePirateDressing Medieval Poet's Roberto Cofresi Costume

Be considered a swashbuckleror Jerry Seinfeld in the puffy shirt.


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37. Russell

Russell Costume Accessory Kit Adult Mens NEW One Size Up

You obtain Russells hat, cravat, and sash. Put in a yellow polo shirt and brown shorts.


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38. Dug your dog

Dug the Dog Shirt, Pixar Up Costume, Disney Up Costume, Dug Costume, Mens Disney Shirt, Disney Costume Cosplay, Carl Fredricksen, Russell

Pair up with Russell above for a great and easy couples costume.

Dug your dog

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39. Hedgehog

Hedgehog Costume for Adults - Hedgehog Outfit

That is among the cutest costumes ever.


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40. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Costume for Men, Deluxe Wizarding World Adult Size Dress Up Character Outfit

This store also offers Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff robes.

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Harry Potter

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41. Link

Disguise Men's Link Classic Adult Costume

Throw on some brown pants and boots and you also are actually an iconic gaming character.

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42. Robin Hood

California Costumes Legendary Robin Hood Adult Costume

This is really a womens costume that is a fun twist.

Robin Hood

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43. Ghostbuster

Party City Ghostbusters Halloween Costume with Proton Pack for Adults, Standard Size, with Jumpsuit and Backpack

Ghosts not included.


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44. Bob Ross

Painter BOB Character Custom Theatrical Halloween Costume Wig by Funtasy Exclusive

You obtain the wig and undesired facial hair. All you have to is really a blue shirt, jeans, and a palette!

Buy on Etsy

Bob Ross

Buy on Amazon

45. Kool Aid Man

Kool Aid Man

Ok last one!

Kool Aid Man

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46. Jake from State Farm

Embroidered Jake State Farm Halloween Costume Red Shirt Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve.

Dont forget your khakis!

Jake from State Farm

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47. Fred Flintstone

The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Buy on Amazon

Fred Flintstone

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48. Sim

HUGE Sims LED Plumbob Headband / Life Size Light Up Mood Plum Bob

This plumbob will come in 5 colors and contains an LED light option.


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49. Legends of the Hidden Temple Player

Hidden Temple Team T-shirt group Halloween Costume Men's

Another easy and fun t-shirt costume. Ideal for an organization, too!

Legends of the Hidden Temple Player

Buy on Amazon

50. Popcorn

Popcorn Costume For Teens and Women, Popcorn Shirt, Popcorn Skirt, Food Popcorn Outfit, Movie Theater Halloween Costumes, Carnival Costume,

A sophisticated (and tasty) costume.


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Costumes are fun, and the options are endless. But everything you wear to work reflects on your own business and brand. Take the time to follow our suggested guidelines above and discover a Costume that’s work-appropriate but nonetheless enables you to celebrate the vacation.


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