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6 hidden iPhone features that look like magic tricks

Lets be honest: among the longstanding explanations why the iPhone attracts people over Android is that its better to use. The iPhone, putting it simple, is intuitive while simultaneously powerful. Having said that, theres an excellent chance that a lot of iPhone users are completely unacquainted with precisely how powerful the iPhone is. Because Apple doesnt tout each and every iPhone feature, Apples iconic smartphone is filled with features and hidden tricks that you almost certainly didnt even understand existed.

Below, weve compiled a listing of 6 hidden iPhone features that almost look like magic tricks. Even seasoned iPhone users should find something new and exciting here.

Tap the trunk of one’s phone to have a screenshot

This iPhone feature is something of a vintage. It sounds absurd, but its likely to tap the Apple logo on the trunk of one’s phone and trigger a variety of actions. For example, it is possible to tap the trunk of one’s phone to have a screenshot, mute your device, view the Notification Center, and much more.

This Back Tap feature was introduced with iOS 14 and heres ways to make the most of it.

Begin by checking the Settings app and visit the Accessibility pane. From there, head to Physical and Motor > Touch. Next, start scrolling and soon you see a choice that reads Back Tap. As soon as you do this, youll see a choice to choose either Double Tap or Triple Tap. Once you do that, it is possible to pick the precise action you need the tap to trigger. That is an undeniably fun iPhone feature which will certainly surprise lots of people.

We have to remember that this iPhone feature typically is effective despite having a thick iPhone case.

This iPhone feature is straight from the movies

With justification, this iPhone feature conjures up memories of the movie Minority Report. With this particular iPhone trick below, youll observe how easy it really is to copy text from an iPhone and paste it to some other iOS device. However the magic happens with regards to copying and pasting an image.

To begin with, make certain both devices are linked to Wi-Fi and so are signed in with exactly the same Apple ID. Both devices should also be within Bluetooth range, which Apple puts at approximately 33 feet. Youll also desire to ensure that Handoff is fired up. On iOS, you are able to do this by visiting Settings >General > AirPlay & Handoff. If youre utilizing a Mac because of this, head to System Preferences > General.

Once thats all squared away, it is possible to copy an image on your own iPhone by pinching closed three of one’s fingers. Once copied, now you can remove another iPhone or iPad and paste the photo by pinching open with three fingers. Your photo will now appear on the next device. Everything works as promised, especially before individuals who arent alert to the feature in the first place.

The video below shows how this iPhone feature works when copying an image between apps.

Transform your keyboard right into a trackpad

That is one of the best iPhone features. I take advantage of it a whole lot and it might easily turn into a staple of one’s iPhone user experience aswell.

If youre attempting to select a part of text on your own iPhone, moving the cursor around together with your finger will get tricky if youre attempting to be precise. A helpful alternative would be to magically transform your keyboard right into a trackpad. You can certainly do this through the use of an extended press to the area bar. Following that, youll notice ways to utilize the bottom of one’s iPhone display as a convenient trackpad.

The video below shows how it operates doing his thing:

Use Siri to issue Harry Potter spells

This is really a great one. If youre a Harry Potter fan, you may use Siri to issue Harry Potter-inspired commands (or spells, in the event that you will) to trigger specific actions.

Here are some examples:

To show your iPhone flashlight on, it is possible to say Hey Siri, Lumos! Also to transform it off, say Hey Siri, Nox!

Other Harry Potter spells you may use with Siri include:

Hey Siri, Accio ! This can start any app you mention.

Hey Siri, Sliencio! This can turn on USUALLY DO NOT Disturb.

Hey Siri, Homenum Revelio This can show where your close contacts are on a map.

To ensure Hey Siri is enabled, head to Settings > Siri & Search. Next, make certain the Listen for Hey Siri’ toggle is fired up. A full set of Harry Potter Siri commands is viewable here. Remember that some may necessitate usage of the Shortcuts app.

Measure a friends height together with your iPhone

While this trick might not be useful, just how it works is actually cool. In place, you may use your iPhone to measure an individuals height.

To begin with, start by checking the Measure app. Position your iPhone to be able to see friends and family system. Next, a horizontal line should appear just above the head with a particular height mentioned right below it. It is possible to have a photo utilizing the white shutter button in the low right-hand corner. This iPhone feature may be more practical for measuring stuff like furniture, but its a little more fun to use with relatives and buddies.

Image source: Apple

Record video with the soundtrack of one’s choice

For a long time, Id continually be frustrated when attempting to record video when I had music from Spotify or Apple Music playing in the backdrop. The next I exposed the video pane in the Camera app, the music would stop playing. Eventually, I found a solution that has been a game-changer.

Contrary to popular belief, theres actually an inspired solution to record video while music is playing in the backdrop. It is a great iPhone feature in the event that you curently have a soundtrack at heart and dont desire to spend your time editing the sound in down the road.

Heres how it operates. When you have a song from Spotify or Apple Music playing in the backdrop, start the Camera app. Rather than entering video mode, press and contain the white shutter button while dragging it to the proper. Upon doing this, your iPhone begins recording video as music in the backdrop continues to play.

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