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Your house isaplace where you always need tofix orclean something. Ifyoure tired ofthe tiles inyour bathroom always getting dirty and dont understand how toget rid ofthe paint your kid got onthe carpet, you will need tocheck out some ofour tips here.

WeatBright Side hope your house routine won’t cause you to exhausted and wewant toshare some tips that may simplify your daily life.

1. Use atoilet paper roll tohang your curtains.

Ifyou want your curtains tolook gorgeous just utilize this trick. The next time, after washing them, use wc paper rolls asits shown inthe picture. Your curtains wont look messy while hanging and its own basically free.

2. Use food boxes tocreate anopen wardrobe.

This might sound weird nevertheless, you can in fact create acool wardrobe with food boxes. This tip isespecially helpful ifyou dont have any extra cash. Hang the stick between your boxes asits shown above and there you’re. Enjoy aself-made wardrobe.

3. Use magazine racks inyour fridge.

Instead ofstoring different food cans chaotically, try tosave some space. Use ametal magazine rack sothe cans could bearranged systematically and soyou can save lots ofspace inthe fridge.

4. Use hairspray toget rid ofmarks onyour carpet.

Ifyou have akid athome, your carpet probably has lots ofmarks from felt-tip pens. Just try hairspray. Spray itonthe spot and rub itwith abrush until its gone.

5. Use acandle tokeep seams between tiles clean.

This hack issuper easy and effective. Rub the seams between tiles inyour bathroom orkitchen with acandle sothey can be waterproof. Now, they wont get dirty that quickly.

6. Use aplunger while drilling.

Toprotect the ground from the dust created when drilling, work with aplunger. Just use its top and set itonthe drill, asshown inthe picture.

7. Use ice toget rid ofold marks onyour carpet.

Ifyou have ever moved something from acarpet, you almost certainly understand that the marks left you can find sodifficult toremove. Because of this, just put some ice onthese marks and wait until itmelts. Then brush the carpet. Now, its exactly like new!

What hacks doyou use tokeep your house cool? Which ofour tips did you prefer probably the most?

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