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8 Times Gwyneth Paltrows Secrets on her behalf Ageless Beauty Have Stunned Us

From glamorous Oscar-winning actress tolifestyle guru and founder ofthe successful wellness company goop, itseems that at49, Gwyneth Paltrow has recently lived many lives and thrived ineach. However, there isone thing that remains constant inthe life ofthis mom of2, and thats her fresh and timeless beauty. Paltrow loves toshare the secrets that she believes give her this glow ininterviews aswell asthrough her companys platform, plus some ofthem havent left people indifferent, tosay minimal.

Bright Side isfascinated bythe stars positive energy and eternal radiance. Wewant toshare some ofthe tips that she credits on her behalf radiant and youthful appearance.

Steaming her private parts

The actress believes insteaming the private parts inorder tofully cleanse the uterus and rebalance female hormones. Paltrow shared, “You sit onwhat isessentially amini-throne, and acombination ofinfrared and mugwort steam cleanses you. She added, Its anenergetic release, not only asteam douche.

But despite the fact that the actress doesit, science hasnt found any evidence that practice really works, and experts say our private parts produce discharge that aids inself-cleaning.

Getting stung bybees

The actress once revealed she got stung bybees onpurpose. She explained, Its athousand-of-years-old treatment called apitherapy. People use ittoget rid ofinflammation and scarring. Its actually pretty incredible ifyou research. However, the star also warned about its downsides, saying, But man, its painful.”

Itisimportant tonote that despite the fact that Paltrow isafan ofthis ancient technique, scientists still havent had the opportunity toprove its benefits.

Drinking salted water

Exactly like any health-conscious person, Paltrow drinks tons ofwater. However, she does things alittle differently compared to the rest ofus. She’s revealed that she likes tomineralize her water byadding Himalayan sea salt toitbecause ithelps with absorption. The actress admitted, It doesnt taste amazing, but […] itmakes abig difference.”


The star once attended apremiere inabackless gown and had an assortment ofsymmetrical, purple dots onher skin. These marks were because ofcupping, which isanancient Eastern form ofalternative medicine consisting ofplacing special cups onthe skin inorder tocreate suction. Itissaid that practice reduces inflammation and promotes the skins blood circulation among other benefits.

Paltrow has written ofher love for Eastern medicine, especially cupping. She shared that she finds ittobe more holistic” than Western medicine.

Oil pulling

The stars everyday morning routine involves putting raw organic coconut oil inher mouth and swishing itaround. She had explained that its a means toremove bacteria from the mouth.”

However, you can find noreliable scientific studies toshow that oil pulling has actual benefits, and scientists recommend sticking tobrushing one’s teeth and flossing inorder toprevent cavities.

Wearing minimal makeup

Despite the fact that she lives aglamorous life beneath the spotlights offame, Paltrow tries tostay from makeup asmuch asshe can. She’s admitted, I often goout with just mascara and alittle cheek. Idont use bronzer.”

Exfoliating each day

While experts advise exfoliating 2to3times weekly, itseems that Paltrow loves todoitevery day. This isthe stars pro tip for maintaining her signature fresh, young-looking skin. She does itwith analpha and beta hydroxy acid mask that she leaves onuntil ittingles.

Inserting eggs inher private parts

Paltrows own wellness and lifestyle company, goop, has, inthe past, sold $66 jade eggs for women toinsert intheir private parts. Itwas reported these eggs might have benefits, such asbalancing the cycle and intensifying feminine energy.

However, remember that this claim isunscientific, and in2018, goop had topay $145,000 inalawsuit as the aforementioned health advantages ofthe jade egg are minus the support ofgood science…or any science.”

What doyou think ofGwyneth Paltrows health tips? Doyou have any special beauty hacks that you swearby?

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