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A fresh California law will demand social media marketing platforms to include more ‘protections’ for children

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law a fresh bill which could upend how social media marketing platforms cope with underage users. The bill, referred to as AB 2273, requires online platforms to take into account the very best interest of child users also to default to privacy and safety settings that protect childrens mental and physical health and wellness, in accordance with a news release from Newsoms office.

Regulations, which wont get into effect until July of 2024, is intended to put further restrictions on the sort of data that platforms can collect from children. From Newsoms news release: AB 2273 prohibits companies offering online services, products or features apt to be accessed by children from utilizing a childs private information; collecting, selling, or retaining a childs geolocation; profiling a kid automagically; and leading or encouraging children to supply private information.

However, its still not yet clear just what this can mean on a practical level for social media marketing, games along with other online platforms. And the bill has recently faced sharp criticism from privacy advocates along with the tech industry.

One criticism, backed by digital rights groups, is that requiring companies to recognize child users can harm the privacy of everybody, not only kids. The bill is indeed vaguely and broadly written that it’ll almost certainly result in widespread usage of invasive age verification techniques that subject children (and everybody else) to more surveillance while claiming to safeguard their privacy, Fight For future years wrote in a statement denouncing the bill. Requiring age verification also helps it be nearly impossible to utilize online services anonymously, which threatens freedom of expression, particularly for marginalized communities, human rights activists, whistleblowers, and journalists.

Newsoms office said in a statement a Childrens Data Protection Working Group would write a written report on guidelines for implementing regulations by January 2024.

The California law comes as pressure has mounted on social media marketing companies to accomplish more to safeguard the privacy and wellbeing of children who use their platforms. Lawmakers in the Senate also have proposed federal legislation that could increase data protections for younger users and President Joe Biden has said he supports banning internet marketing that targets children.

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