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A lot more than 60% of world population use digital wallets by 2026

Global take-up of digital wallets will accelerate on the next four years, driven by super apps and QR code-based payments

Karl Flinders


Published: 03 Aug 2022 11: 12

A lot more than five billion people will undoubtedly be using digital wallets by 2026 as super apps drive adoption in developing countries, in accordance with a worldwide study.

Another four years will dsicover the amount of global users hit 5.2 billion, weighed against 3.4 billion this season, says the analysis from Juniper Research.

Juniper discovered that growth comes into play countries which are considered cash heavy, spurred by the take-up of what exactly are referred to as super apps, which combine multiple services in addition to offering the opportunity to make payments.

The Southeast Asian nations of the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are anticipated to start to see the fastest growth and Juniper predicts that 75% of the countries populations will adopt digital wallets on the next four years.

These rapidly growing markets represent a substantial chance for digital wallet vendors, however they must work intelligently to increase their position, said Juniper Researchs Damla Sat, co-author of the analysis. An extremely competitive wallets landscape implies that vendors must differentiate themselves by integrating machine understanding how to provide spending insights and introduce new services, such as for example wealth management, to include value.

Payments using QR codes would be the most used digital wallet transaction types by 2026, says the analysis, with 380 billion transactions globally predicted for that year. QR code payments will take into account 40% of most transactions by volume.

Another study from Juniper this April discovered that the worthiness of digital wallet payments could be more than $12tn in 2026. It said PayPal was the best digital wallet provider, accompanied by Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Digital payments technologiesreceived an urgent boost popularthrough the Covid-19 pandemic, when governments set rules to avoid physical contact and consumers were forced to utilize digital services.

In 2021, PayPal said the pandemic had resulted in a 24% spike altogether active customer accounts, as increasingly more consumers considered online shopping.

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