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A marriage videographer filmed a bear preying on a mooseduring the grooms vows

This short article was originally featured in Outdoor Life.

A marriage ceremony that occurred in Montanas Glacier National Park earlier this month was interrupted whenever a grizzly bear charged from the brush to attack and kill a moose calf. The weddings videographer,Stanton Giles, caught the encounter on film and uploaded the video toYouTube, where its received more that 320,000 views within the last 12 days.

The moaning and scuffling sounds tend to be more audible as Giles pans from the groom to the contrary shore of the lake, where in fact the griz gets the moose calf pinned down on the rocks. In the foreground, a full-grown cow moosemost likely the momis already swimming over the lake and from the bear.

Are we okay? a female asks before offering to put up some music to drown out the noise. On the next minute roughly, the guests touch upon the brutal scene theyre witnessing because the grizzly bear groans and chomps down on the calf.

Im impressed at this time, Giles says from behind the camera. That’s insane.

Soon after the two-minute mark, someone puts on some music, however they appear to have trouble selecting a song to match the mood. Meanwhile, the carnage continues because the bear tries to complete off the moose thats still thrashing in the shallows. By the end of the video, the calf is apparently dead, and the grizzly starts dragging it back to the bush.

The ceremony eventually picked back up where it left off. Although some of the guests may have been shocked with what they saw, they certainly got the entire Glacier experience. In the end,the national park is really a bastionof UNITED STATES megafauna and boasts among the largest grizzly bear populations in the low 48. Are you aware that groom, he said in the videos comment section he does not have any regrets concerning the venue they chose.

This is this type of wild and incredible experience that nonetheless we have been in awe, he wrote. We thought we would elope in the center of nature at Glacier and knew what we were consistently getting into. Always respect nature and wildlife.

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