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A NEW YORK Chick-Fil-A Receives Backlash After ATTEMPTING TO Recruit Volunteers To Work & Pay Them In Food

While businesses battle to hire employees, a Chick-fil-A in NEW YORK thought it could be simpler to find volunteers and pay them in food, but people on social media marketing didnt think so.

On Tuesday, the company posted a note on Facebook, stating that it had been seeking volunteers to work, and in exchange, they might receive around five entrees

Chick fil-A Requests Volunteers

In a now deleted Facebook post, the Hendersonville location wrote:

We have been searching for volunteers for the new Drive Thru Express! Earn 5 free entrees per shift (1 hr) worked. Message us for details.

People on social media marketing responded and weren’t too keen on the theory.

Someone tweeted:

The national median monthly rent price is $2,000, or 466 Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

jordan (@JordanUhl) July 28, 2022

Chick-fil-As owners are worth $14 billion. The common location makes $8.1 million annually, up 15% in per year.

Theyre asking people in NEW YORK to volunteer without pay (however they get chicken sandwiches).

Maybe nobody wants to work with free

Dan Price (@DanPriceSeattle) July 28, 2022

A spokesperson from Chick-fil-A told Insider:

Most restaurants are individually owned and operated, also it was an application at an individually owned restaurant.

Hendersonville Chick-fil-A Responds to the Backlash

Following the backlash, the positioning also responded in a post and wrote:

Thanks for everyones concern with this matter. It is a volunteer based opportunity, this means people can opt directly into volunteer should they think its an excellent fit for them. Weve had multiple people subscribe and revel in doing and also have done it multiple times. Individuals who join this chose it voluntarily. We have been still hiring regular and in your free time team members, if you want in employed in our store, we pay $19/hr.

Roomies, what yall consider this idea?

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