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A Soviet Test Pilot Ejected Two Seconds Prior to the Crash of His MiG-29 (2019)

The MiG-29 hit the bottom next to the runway, erupting in a significant fireball. Test pilot Anatoliy N. Kvochur landed only 30 m (98 ft) from the wreckage, the ejection seat impacting right close to him.

Taken on Jun. 8, 1989 the famous video in this article features MiG-29 303 Blue (c/n 2960516767, f/n 3303) from the Mikoyan OKB and flown by test pilot Anatoliy N. Kvochur crashing while performing a demo flight at 38th Paris Air Show.

As explained by Yefim Gordon and Dmitriy Komissarov within their book Mikoyan MiG-29 & MiG-35, throughout a high-alpha/low-speed pass at 160 m (525 ft) concluding the Fulcrum-As aerobatics display a sheet of flame belched from the starboard engine nozzle because the engine surged. Kvochur immediately selected full afterburner for the nice engine, but of them costing only 180 km/h (111 mph) he previously insufficient rudder and aileron authority to counter the thrust asymmetry and the effect was inevitably an irrecoverable departure.

The engine failed at 13 hrs 44 min 57 seclocal time; the stricken fighter immediately yawed and rolled to starboard, thenose falling through before aircraft entered a vertical dive at 1345.01hrs. Two . 5 seconds later Kvochur ejected at 92 m (302 ft) making surethe aircraft wouldn’t normally hit the spectators. At 1345.05 the fighter hit theground next to the runway, erupting in a significant fireball. The pilot landed amere 30 m (98 ft) from the wreckage, the ejection seat impacting right next tohim.

To provide credit where credit arrives, the airports rescue and firefighting team was on the scene 55 seconds following the crash. Kvochur was rushed to a hospital but released on a single day with nothing worse than bruises and a cut above his right eyebrow from the oxygen mask. Indeed, he previously been extremely lucky, as he previously ejected beyond your seats envelope, not forgetting the proximity of the fireball and the falling seat. The incident spoke a whole lot for the look of the Zvezda K-36DM ejection seat. As observers noted, the MiG-29 demonstrated its structural integrity (along with the soft nature of the bottom at Le Bourget) by burying its entire forward fuselage, like the cockpit, in the bottom before blowing up.

That time a Soviet Test Pilot Ejected Two Seconds Before the Crash of his MiG-29
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Naturally, there is a great deal of speculation regarding the reason behind the crash. Video showed that the MiG had suffered at the very least two lightning strikes immediately prior to the accident. However, study of the wreckage and FDR analysis revealed that the starboard engine have been critically damaged by multiple bird strike.

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Photo credit: Unknown via Reddit

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