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A Strength Coach Explains Developing Bigger Shoulders Using Lateral Raises

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In a fresh video on the Athlean-X channel, strength coach Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S. demonstrates four different variations of the lateral raise and assesses their utility in assisting you build your shoulders.

He begins with the classic straight-armed version utilizing a dumbbell. “The very first thing that will happen is, you are going to need to work with a lighter weight,” he says. “Because the amount of the arm increases, the weight in your hand will have to reduction in order to take care of it.” This is not necessarily a negative thing: remember, the idea here’s to be ensuring the muscle is under sufficient tension, and a heavier weight isn’t necessary for that.

However, it is also worth noting that the move reaches its most challenging in top of the part of the lift, and a weight making you work hard at the very top is probably likely to be too easy on the low half. Cavaliere remedies this by limiting the number of motion to top of the 45 examples of the exercise. “That is likely to remain challenging regardless of what kind of weight you devote your hand,” he says, adding that you could alternatively introduce one-and-a-half style reps.

Next up, he demonstrates the advantages of performing this raise with a bent arm. You can raise the weight here, and he suggests adding on a supplementary 1 / 2 of the weight you’re using for the straight arm version.

“You are going to want that weight staying relatively consistent with your torso, rather than out before you,” he says. “Let your elbow drift back behind you, and keep that dumbbell good body. Tension-wise, it will feel pretty similar, as the adaptation was created by increasing the dumbbell weight to help keep the strain high.”

Then puts down the dumbbells and turns his focus on the cable lateral raise. When performing the straight arm version of the, make certain the cable reaches the right angle to your forearm: this can ensure there is a good quantity of tension from the start.

However, Cavaliere believes that the best way to get “the very best of most worlds” would be to perform the bent-arm variation of the cable lateral raise, since it allows you to maintain that right angle tension through the entire flexibility. “Not merely can I take it across my own body to obtain additional of a stretch in the beginning, however now when I appear to the very best, I’ve got more perpendicularity still remaining as the lever arm is currently existing in this plane that has been not there whenever we were straight,” he explains. This variation also enables you to bunch the lift more heavily, and decelerate the negatives on each rep to increase time under tension and eccentric contraction.

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