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A Therapist Reacts to Will Smith’s Recent Apology to Chris Rock

Months following the slap heard all over the world, actor Will Smith posted a public apology on Friday by means of a slightly bizarre six-minute video on YouTube, where he spoke about his assault of Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. After clarifying that Rock isn’t yet ready for him to attain out, Smith taken care of immediately several questions from his followers.

In a reaction video, licensed family therapist Georgia Dow examines Smith’s apology and reduces what he does right, and the parts that can come across as inauthentic. She praises him for not making excuses for the slap and owning around it, but finds his stilted delivery curious.

“It’s robotic, it’s practiced, I don’t feel any emotions coming through,” she says. “I believe, for Will, it is a defense mechanism… but I believe it takes from that genuineness we have to see.”

The largest problem with the apology video, in Dow’s view, is that there surely is hardly any sense of any real remorse on Smith’s part for his actions at the Oscars. “For an apology to be good, it must be sincere,” she says. However, she concedes that whenever Smith proceeds to apologize to Rock’s mother, that does appear “more heartfelt” and less staged.

“The audience because of this apology doesn’t really appear to be Chris or his family,” she says. “It appears to be his fans. That’s who he’s speaking with. It comes off more as a PR move than it really is something that’s really genuine.”

Dow continues on to indicate the “huge, stark difference” between your way Smith identifies Chris Rock, vs. just how then addresses other groups in his apology, like the other Oscar nominees, and the fans who believe that he’s got let them down.

“I don’t believe the apology has anything regarding Chris,” she says, questioning whether Smith feels harmful to the incorrect he did against Rock, or due to the repercussions he is feeling in his personal and professional life. “Those are two huge differences in where you possess your accountability, and that is important when we’re attempting to let people understand that we’re focusing on changing.”

Philip Ellis is really a freelance writer and journalist from the uk covering pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ issues.

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