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A Vancouver Hong Kong Silver-Haired Protester Reviews the 2019 Hong Kong Protests

Auntie Chun is really a 63 yrs . old single mother, living on alimony, and her child has already been developed. Before 2019, she’d travel alone, including happen to be the mainland since it was cheaper. She arranged lots of interesting things you can do in her free time. She sold her flat and paid most of her loans in 2019.

IN-MAY 2019, she used the rest of the money to go to Canada.

Unexpectedly, Hong Kong underwent drastic changes in June. Eventually, two million Hongkongers took to the streets to protest peacefully. Because of this, Hong Kong was completely changed.

Auntie Chun always participated in social movements in Hong Kong, such as for example June 4 the memorials for the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre, July 1 marches, the anti-moral and civic education protest in 2012, the Umbrella Movement in 2014, and so forth. She also participated in the commemoration of June 4 in Vancouver. She missed Hong Kong quite definitely. So she returned to Hong Kong and participated in the protests.

Visit Prisoners and Farewell to Prisoners

Because the siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University by the end of 2019, large protests began to die down. Once the authorities started arresting people, she visited observe court proceedings, say farewell to the prisoners who have been being transported from court to jail, and wrote letters to aid them.

She and others would make an effort to fill the court auditorium whenever you can.

Auntie Chun explained, why did I visit the prisoners? To begin with, I read in a few reports, that those teenagers said, I was arrested and imprisoned without anyones attention, it appears I did so not exist. I was very distressed.

Auntie Chun said that generally, she visited the protests alone. Actually, of these years of social movements, she met many Hongkongers. Although usually, they didn’t exchange any information, they just nodded if they met, however they would talk when they visited the courts.

Auntie Chun remarked that the High Court in Admiralty, Hong Kong, allows the ordering of private meals for all those Hongkongers that are on remand and looking forward to trial.

When people discovered, they would visit the designated restaurant nearby to order and purchase lunches at 8: 00 a.m. each morning, so the protesters in custody may have an exclusive meal at noon.

The prison transport vehicle arrived from the court following the hearings, and she’d wave in their mind to state goodbye. Each day following the trial, the prisoner transport vehicle would turn out. The master of farewelling prisoners estimated that section of the court the prison transport vehicle would turn out and which direction it could go to, plus they would then chase the automobile and see prisoners off.

They often tell the convicted persons, hang within! Well care for you. Lets hang within! Drink much more water in the prison during warm weather, and we’ll write letters for you.

Later, more folks were sentenced to prison, so she began to visit them in prison. She visited the prisoners each day, and she carefully arranged her itinerary in order that she didn’t waste visiting opportunities.

From then on, she started to buy supplies for prisoners. They felt happier when people visited them and chatted using them, so she tried to meet up them once weekly.

Each and every time she visited the prisoners, she had to hold back for a lot more than an hour, however they could only chit-chat for 10 minutes. For example, in the event that you head to Stanley Prison, it is possible to only visit two different people from 7: 00 a.m. to 2: 00 p.m.

Through the remand period, they’re allowed only two visitors every day for a complete of 15 minutes.Some family don’t have time and energy to visit, so that they will notify the master of visiting prisoners to go. People can visit them each day through the remand period. However, if someone is officially sentenced to imprisonment, people can visit them twice per month. Both visits are needless to say reserved because of their friends and family, however they can make an application for two more visits for his or her immediate family. Auntie Chun would buy supplies for them continuously.

Auntie Chun observed that whenever teenagers appeared in court, like those arrested from the PolyU siege, more students would arrived at support them, plus some of these really found the hearings in school uniforms.

Some individuals didn’t know their children have been arrested, then nobody visited them.

Auntie Chun said that when the protesters needed help, she’d contact them. I simply did what would have to be done without asking way too many questions.

Auntie Chun said, Actually, Im not the only person.

Children Being Abused in Prisons

Following the anti-extradition law bill movement started, cops were seen beating up children. The older persons would persuade the authorities officers to avoid beating the children.

When she began to observe court proceedings, she discovered some protesters cannot arrived at the court since they have been badly beaten. One appeared finally at the fourth hearing, utilizing a walking stick or cradle, which made the onlookers cry. How could the authorities beat them so badly!

Auntie Chun said that some told the reality through their lawyers they have been beaten by the authorities. The judge said you could complain to the Complaints Against Police Office, nonetheless it was useless to inform us this.

Some individuals confessed since they have been beaten.

It had been obvious these protesters weren’t injured if they were arrested, because there have been media reports to prove that.

But once they were taken into custody by the authorities, they might not come in court for a couple days, plus some had in which to stay hospital for weekly. Then the cops became increasingly more presumptuous since they wished to force teenagers to confess.

Observing court proceedings was miserable, and really required a higher EQ.In the event that you object, the judge will ask you for with contempt of court.

Seeing and understanding that the protesters have been abused nevertheless, you cannot speak up. Sometimes the center really cannot bear the feelings,

A few of the teenage protesters cried as soon as the judge passed out the sentence,

Additionally, there are individuals who plead guilty because in the event that you plead guilty, one-third of the sentence will undoubtedly be subtracted. Some teenagers would elect to do this to allow them to escape earlier and move ahead making use of their lives.

THE SENSATION of Receiving Farewells

Auntie Chun, master of farewelling prisoners, had also experienced as soon as to be sent off.

On Sept. 7, 2020, she was arrested at the Lunch with You protest at the Landmark, When she attained the Central District Police Station, it had been about 2 p.m. Because of raised blood pressure and heart disease, the lawyer helped her to find yourself in a healthcare facility at about 6 p.m.

She premiered on bail on Sept. 7. Then she appeared in court in February 2021 and was sentenced to prison for 21 days.

Individuals beyond your prison transport vehicle cannot see inside, but she could see outside clearly and may hear their voices. She burst into tears. She was also moved and worried.

Without Concern with Danger

Auntie Chun have been a master of farewelling prisoners for greater than a year and she had visited many prisons, which were mens prisons. Because there have been very few female protesters, and their own families visited them.

San Uk Ling Holding Centre was among the first places to carry the protesters in the early stages, no one knew where you can go in the beginning.

Through the visit, Auntie Chun left her contact number to the prisoners. If they were released, they kept connected by letter or phone, and she continued to meet up them to see if she may help them.

For Auntie Chun, probably the most touching visits was someone to a protester in his twenties.He thought to Auntie Chun, Auntie Chun, you dont need to visit me frequently, you need to visit those teenagers more. He was trapped in prison but he still cared about other folks, which moved Auntie Chun quite definitely.

Through the adversity in 2019 Hong Kong, everyone took the initiative to accomplish their very own thing, and there have been happy and caring moments, Auntie Chun said, with mixed emotion.

Because she visited prisoners frequently, the Correctional Service Departments staff were acquainted with Auntie Chun. If they saw her, they might greet her. They thought to her you’re here again? They thought that she was covered visiting. She told them that she was a volunteer and she used her very own money for visiting.

Auntie Chun said that the standard of her sleep was inadequate, and she’d imagine those scenes, and she often woke up suddenly.

Auntie Chun isn’t rich. She had a need to stretch your budget to get things for the imprisoned protesters. Aside from the necessary bills, all of those other money was useful for these exact things.


Many unforgettable things happened through the entire social movement.

Auntie Chun recalled meeting a 14-year-old boy. Your skin on his system was red and was obviously injured. She was startled and asked him if he needed any help. For certain he felt very painful, but rather of crying, the teenager asked her, why has Hong Kong become such as this? Auntie Chun helped him and replied to him, Dont worry, you aren’t alone.

Auntie Chun said, I couldnt sleep that night. This incident was probably the most unforgettable experience for me personally. The teenager was so brave! The Hong Kong government hurt our teenagers in this manner. I cant quit.


After what happened in 2019, and understanding that the Communist Party had done so many bad things such as for example division, infiltration, and theft on the planet, it made Auntie Chun realize finally: that the Communist Party may be the real cause of the disaster in Hong Kong!

She said that the Communist Party does not have any humanity. It has killed countless people. With regards to the 2019 Hong Kong Protest, actually, they would like to eliminate Hongkongers. So we should end the CCP! We are able to go back to Hong Kong only once CCP is eradicated.

Immediately after arriving in Vancouver, Auntie Chun watched two Hong Kong films: The Revolution of the days and Blue Island. Auntie Chun said, I really was moved when I saw the films, since they (reproduced) many scenes, and Personally i think sorry for the Hongkongers. The items mentioned in the films are very in keeping with what she had experienced.

When she found its way to Vancouver, she used her savings for promotion, such as for example printing messages on some clothes and stickers to market the ending of the CCP.

Continue steadily to Fight

Although depressing news originates from Hong Kong each day, Auntie Chun said: I start to see the international situation, and I’ve confidence, I’ll stand firm regardless of what, although I might not start to see the day when Hong Kong is free because I’m not healthy. At the very least folks have classified it [the CCP] as a terrorist. It is important is that people are united rather than afraid of it.

Auntie Chun can be worried that in a couple of years, Hong Kong people might lose that enthusiasm and just forget about things in Hong Kong.

In a society with freedom, it really is even more essential to tell the CCP, we have been not afraid, we should do more.

Auntie Chun hoped that like-minded individuals who have left Hong Kong could be brave, and participate more, speak out more for the eradication of the CCP. What we i did so previously can continue. If we interact with exactly the same goal, things will undoubtedly be accomplished and the CCP will undoubtedly be afraid.

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