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A24 to carry auditions for extra role in Ti Wests MaXXXine

Are you experiencing the X factor and desire to are likely involved in a horror movie? A24 announced a casting call to stay Ti Wests new film, MaXXXine. Fans is definitely an extra, or as A24 writes, eXtra, in the 3rd film of Wests Xtrilogy.

To audition, fans must recreate the standoff between Pearl and Maxine (both played by Mia Goth) fromX,that you can watch below. Auditioners will play both roles in the scene. Once completed, submit the tape by uploading the video to Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok utilizing the hashtag, #XCastingCall. Submissions close September 28 at 11: 59 p.m. ET.

X | #XCastingCall | Official Clip HD | A24

At the TIFF screening of Pearl, West surprised audiences with a post-credits scene, set to VHS-style footage, announcing his new film, MaXXXine. Based on the official synopsis, the 3rd film follows Maxine, following the events of X, because the sole survivor who continues her journey towards fame aiming to create it being an actress in 1980s LA.

The trilogy began in March 2022 with X,which follows several young adults wanting to film a pornographic movie on an elderly couples Texas farm. When Howard and Pearl find out about the groups intentions for the film, they go on a vicious killing spree, murdering every member besides Maxine.

Soon after the Xs premiere, West announced another film titled Pearl, a prequel occur 1918 that chronicles what sort of young Pearl became a ruthless killer. West secretly shot the film following conclusion ofX. Pearlis defined to open in theaters everywhere on September 16.

Mia Goth in a shot from X, directed by Ti West, from A24 Entertainment Company.
A24 Entertainment

For additional information on the casting call, go to the A24 website.

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