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Aaron Rodgers AVAILABLE TO Reconciling With Family, ‘I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN Healing’

Aaron Rodgers AVAILABLE TO Fixing Family Relationship … ‘I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN Healing’

8/3/2022 3: 44 PM PT

Aaron Rodgers believes you’ll be able to make amends along with his estranged family 1 day … saying he’s truly grateful for his upbringing and holds no resentment over how things played out.

The Green Bay Packers superstar had a messy falling out in clumps along with his parents and two brothers in the past … and his separation from the household was famously covered during Jordan‘s appearance on “The Bachelorette” in 2016, regardless of the reason behind the rift remaining a mystery.

Rodgers is currently checking about where things stand along with his fam … and he says the partnership isn’t permanently severed.

“I really do have confidence in healing and I really believe in the chance of reconciliation at some time,” Rodgers said on the “Aubrey Marcus Podcast” this week. “But, it is a different journey for all those, also to judge externally about what ought to be or what it will appear to be, or who’s wrong or who’s right is a game I’ve never wished to play but still don’t desire to play.”

“It is important for me personally is deep love and gratitude for them, and for the lessons I learned, and for just how I grew up, and expect the near future,” he added.

“But, who knows what that future is gonna appear to be, if it is gonna appear to be, when time is gonna come.”

“But, I’ve no bitterness in my own heart. I’ve no resentment,” Rodgers continued. “I simply have deep love and appreciation for the lessons that I learned, and the truth that easily hadn’t been raised this way — all of the good and all of the frustrating — there is no way I’d be sitting here today.”

While Rodgers had previously stated he spent time “with my folks” for his birthday in 2018, it had been reported as recently as January 2022 he still will not consult with his family.

But, given his recent comments … it looks like which could someday change.

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