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Abbas: Lapid’s UN remarks “positive,” but Israel “destroying” two-state solution

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN on Friday welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s support for a two-state solution as a “positive development,” but stressed the true test will undoubtedly be whether Israel commits to an instantaneous resumption of peace talks.

Driving the news headlines: In his UN General Assembly speech on Thursday, Lapid backed the two-state solution with security arrangements for Israel, but an Israeli official told reporters that the Israeli prime minister doesn’t see peace talks resuming soon.

  • “An agreement with the Palestinians, predicated on two states for just two peoples, may be the right thing for Israel’s security, for Israel’s economy and for future years of our kids,” Lapid said.
  • After Lapids speech, President Biden tweeted: I welcome Lapid’s courageous statement at the UN General AssemblyI couldn’t agree more.”
  • Each day earlier, Biden said at the UN General Assembly a negotiated two-state solution remains the easiest method to ensure Israels security and prosperity for future years and present the Palestinians hawaii to that they are entitled.”

What they’re saying: I heard President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid who said they support the two-state solution. We have been thankful for that,” Abbas said at the overall Assembly. “However the real test for the seriousness of the position is if the Israeli government dates back to the negotiations table immediately.”

  • Earlier in the speech, Abbas criticized Israel and said it really is destroying the two-state solution. We’ve no partner in Israel we are able to speak to,” he said.
  • The Palestinian president assailed the Biden administration and the British government for giving unconditional support to Israel and and can continue its hostile policy towards the Palestinians.”
  • Israel wouldn’t normally have been in a position to do what it really is doing without this protection [by the U.S.]. If people usually do not desire to say this since it isn’t politically correct I’ll say this,” he added.

The picture as a whole: The Biden administration was concerned Abbas would use his speech to launch a bid at the Security Council for full UN membership, however the Palestinian president said that due to the risk of a veto by the U.S. and the U.K., the Palestinians will attempt to pursue an answer at the UN General Assembly.

  • General Assembly resolutions are non-binding, but no country can veto them. Abbas stressed he is asking and begging for the UN to immediately give full membership to Palestine.
  • Abbas also said the Palestinians will make an application for full membership in three UN specialized agencies, like the World Health Organization, and called on Europe who support the two-state treatment for recognize Palestine as circumstances.

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