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About Lockdown Mode

Understand how Lockdown Mode helps protect devices against extremely rare and highly sophisticated cyber attacks.

What’s Lockdown Mode?

Lockdown Mode can be an optional, extreme protection thats created for the few individuals who, due to who they’re or what they do, may be personally targeted bysome ofthe most sophisticated digital threats. Many people are never targeted by attacks of the nature.

When Lockdown Mode is enabled, your device wont function enjoy it typically does. To lessen the attack surface that potentially could possibly be exploited by highly targeted mercenary spyware, certain apps, websites, and features are strictly limited for security plus some experiences may not be offered by all.

Lockdown Mode comes in iOS 16 and just around the corner in iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

How Lockdown Mode protects your device

When Lockdown Mode is enabled, some apps and features will function differently, including:

  • Messages – Most message attachment types are blocked, apart from certain images, video, and audio. Some features, such as for example links and link previews, are unavailable.
  • Web browsing – Certain complex web technologies are blocked, which can cause some websites to load more slowly or not operate correctly. Furthermore, web fonts is probably not displayed, and images may be replaced with a missing image icon.
  • FaceTime – Incoming FaceTime calls are blocked if you don’t have previously called see your face or contact.
  • Apple Services – Incoming invitations for Apple Services, such as for example invitations to control a home in the house app, are blocked if you don’t have previously invited see your face.
  • Shared albums – Shared albums are taken off the Photos app, and new Shared Album invitations are blocked. It is possible to still view these shared albums on other devices that dont have Lockdown Mode enabled.
  • USB accessories – For connecting your device to a USB accessory or another computer, these devices must be unlocked.
  • Configuration profiles – Configuration profiles cant be installed, and these devices cant be signed up for Mobile Device Management or device supervision during Lockdown Mode.

Calls and plain texts continue steadily to work while Lockdown Mode is enabled. Emergency features, such as for example SOS emergency calls, aren’t affected.

How exactly to enable Lockdown Mode on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Privacy & Security.
  3. Under Security, tap Lockdown Mode and tap START Lockdown Mode.
  4. Tap START Lockdown Mode.
  5. Tap START & Restart, then enter your device passcode.

When Lockdown Mode is enabled, you may receive notifications when an app or feature is bound, and a banner in Safari indicates that Lockdown Mode is on.

How exactly to exclude apps or websites from Lockdown Mode

While your device is in Lockdown Mode, it is possible to exclude an app or website from being impacted and limited. Exclude only trusted apps or websites and only when necessary.

To exclude an internet site while browsing: Tap the Page Settings button > Website Settings, then switch off Lockdown Mode.

To exclude an app or even to edit your excluded websites:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Privacy & Security.
  3. Under Security, tap Lockdown Mode.
  4. Tap Configure Web Browsing.

To exclude an app, turn that app off in the menu. Only apps you have opened since enabling Lockdown Mode and that have limited functionality appear with this list.

To edit your excluded websites, tap Excluded Safari Websites > Edit.

Configuration profiles and managed devices

In case a device is in Lockdown Mode, new configuration profiles can not be installed, and these devices can’t be signed up for Mobile Device Management or device supervision. In case a user really wants to use a configuration profile or management profile, they have to switch off Lockdown Mode, install the profile, and re-enable Lockdown Mode, if necessary. These restrictions prevent attackers from wanting to install malicious profiles.

A tool that is signed up for Mobile Device Management before Lockdown Mode is enabled remains managed. System administrators can install and remove configuration profiles on that device.

Lockdown Mode isn’t a configurable option for Mobile Device Management by system administrators, as its created for the very few individual users who may be targeted by extreme cyber attacks.

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