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Access Elevator Installs Curved Stairlifts in DeKalb, Chicagoland, Frankfort, McHenry, Bloomington, Hinsdale, and the encompassing Areas

Cudahy, WI — (ReleaseWire) — 07/18/2022 –Access Elevator, a leader in providing mobility and accessibility products, is selling and installing curved stairlifts for homeowners in DeKalb, Chicagoland, Frankfort, McHenry, Bloomington, Hinsdale, and the encompassing areas. Curved stairlifts made the choice to remain in the home a lot more available, and the team at Access Elevator has installed a large number of curved stairlifts through the years.

The curved stairlift that may go into a house will never be like any curved stairlift. The reason being of the variety in homes and what each particular staircase is similar to. They’ll custom design the rail on each curved stairlift in order that it conforms to those stairs. These curved stair lifts could even be installed on spiral staircases!

With custom installations of curved stair lifts, homeowners will reap the benefits of having corners being made tight, landings which are done properly, and the complete stairlift being properly fit for the house stairs. Having a curved stair lift offers the safety for an individual since there is you don’t need to switch between multiple straight stair lifts, nor will they be left stranded with several stairs left to navigate with out a stair lift.

When homeowners decide on a curved stairlift they have several features which come alongside it. Needless to say, the stairlift could have the custom rail made simply for the curved staircase. The stairlift may also have a battery backup in order that users may use it at the very least several times once the power has gone out so they aren’t trapped on an upper degree of the house.

The opportunity to access a whole house safely can’t be understated. It offers homeowners with freedom again instead of feeling confined to just a portion of the house or feeling that they have to move to a house or facility it doesn’t have stairs. The chair of the stairlift also folds up so the stairs can be used in the standard fashion.

Access Elevator knows that independence and mobility are essential areas of living. By giving several different types of stairlifts, Access Elevator seeks to provide easy access no real matter what the initial requirements are.

About Access Elevator

Access Elevator seeks to boost the lives of physically challenged people by offering an array of products that promote mobility and independence. Access Elevator includes a selection of different platform lifts which can be tailored to match the average person and businesses’ unique requirements. Visit for more information about quality platform lifts solutions in DeKalb, Chicagoland, Frankfort, McHenry, Bloomington, Hinsdale, and the encompassing areas.

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