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ActionIQ adds capacity to query data from external sources like data lakes

ActionIQ, the CDP and CX solutions provider, has announced HybridCompute, a fresh feature of its InfiniteCompute technology. InfiniteCompute enables the processing of data at, in principle, unlimited scale. HybridCompute allows the querying of data across multiple systems, including enterprise data lakes, instead of just data uploaded to InfiniteCompute.

That is intended to offer an easier solution to drive insights from data sources outside ActionIQ and creates the chance of sourcing valuable customer data from existing IT data infrastructure investments. The initiative is supported by partnerships with major data lake providers like Data Bricks, Snowflake and Teradata.

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Generating value from data investments. You want to meet our customers wherever they’re on the data infrastructure journey and help them generate greater value on those investments by giving them scalable storage and compute infrastructure if they require it, or the capability to query the info where it really is with HybridCompute if theyve already done the task of data unification, explained Justin DeBrabant, ActionIQs SVP of product in a release.

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Why we care. This is simply not the initial sign of an essential shift in the structure of the CDP space. The original approach of CDPs has been what may be called the single way to obtain truth approach. To the extent users could actually upload almost all their customer data from the wide selection of systems, the CDP could normalize and manage that data and drive insights as a result.

This process, however, was swimming contrary to the trend certainly at the enterprise level to control all business data, including customer data, within a, large infrastructure. Replicating that data in another system the CDP can look duplicative and wasteful, to the IT team at the very least. ActionIQ is seeking to solve for that, and its own not the initial enterprise CDP to take action. Expect similar developments in the years ahead.


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