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Adorable Dog Hoisted Onto Boat After Swimming in Ocean Melts Hearts

Concerned about your dog’s safety while swimming? Well, one couple has think of a genius solution to ensure they don’t really lose their pet in the water.

In a video shared by TikTok user @grantcameron16 on 5 August, the boat owner’s Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (nicknamed “Tollers”) is lifted from the water by way of a pulley clipped to her life jacket.

As Grant reels in the pulley, the confused pooch tries to keep swimming, using its paws wriggling in the air. Once landing on deck safely, your dog trots to his mom.

In accordance with The Toller Club, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are natural swimmers. Like Labrador Retrievers, they will have webbed feet, permitting them to glide through water easier. Through the years, the breed has been used to hunt waterfowl because of its intelligence and loyalty.

Although Tollers are great swimmers, it is possible to never be too careful with animals on boats. A dog that fell overboard in July was reunited along with his owners after swimming for just two days straight. Josie fell overboard throughout a storm while her owners were sailing to Ibiza, swimming around 120 miles to safety.

While a puppy called Zuko was found swimming alone in the center of sea after jumping overboard while attempting to “bite” the waves. Fortunately, another boat spotted him, and after calling the telephone number on his collar, could actually find his owners.

Adorable Dog Hoisted Onto Boat After Swimming
A stock photo of a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever swimming in the ocean. TikTok users couldn’t get enough of the dog’s hilarious a reaction to being lifted out from the water. DejaVu Designs/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Jennifer Fishowner of Dogs Gone Swimming Wellness Center in Portland, Oregonsays the very first thing you need to do to help keep your pet safe onboard is get them a well-fitting life jacket.

She told The American Kennel Club that the life span jacket must be in good shape to avoid drowning accidents, and must fit closely round the dog’s neck to avoid their legs from getting caught while swimming.

Fish also recommends introducing your pet to the water before taking them from a boat, such as for example visiting a location with “calm gentle water with a gentle sloping bank.”

“Bring your dog’s favorite treats and toys and become prepared to enter the water yourself,” she advises readers.

Once onboard, be sure you have a lot of food and water for the pet, and create a space for the dog to visit the toilet. Be sure you monitor your pet, particularly if they’re playful, because they might try to jump in.

“Make an effort to redirect the dog’s attention with a toy instead,” she said.

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the pup’s hilarious reaction, with the clip receiving a lot more than 164,000 likes and almost 2,500 shares.

“‘My paws are taking me in the incorrect direction,'” joked one

“That is the best sort of catch that you could get when fishing,” said another.

While a third asked: “What lake is that?! I have to know do you want your dog fishing license.”

Newsweek has already reached out to @grantcameron16 for comment.

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