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Adrian Cheng Reveals His Anonymous Web3 Identity

The Hong Kong cultural pioneer Adrian Cheng has just revealed his Web3 identity as LastKnight. The LastKnight, or Cheng, has committed to Animoca Brands and RTFKT. Now, he could be dealing with Azuki to create the phygital web3 experience to the others of Asia and the planet.

photo of entrepreneur Adrian Cheng
Adrian Cheng a.k.a LastKnight

Photographer: David Atlan

About Adrian Chengs vision for Azuki

Adrian Cheng can be an avid supporter of the Azuki project and community. Being an advocate of talent, Adrian Cheng sees Azuki as representative of the real phygital experience. He also sees the city as several creatives with a standard vision and a bridge between digital and physical.

Now, Adrian Cheng has just shared another steps in his vision for a democratised phygital experience. With some artistic collaborations in the offing, this journey in to the phygital will certainly bring new types of cultural and artistic experiences.

My love and admiration for Azuki is based on its community of visionaries, and their tenacity to carve out a distinctive space in the Web3 world to create its culture of creativity- and community-based experiences alive, said Adrian Cheng. The immense success of Azuki, besides its anime-inspired aesthetics, may be the consequence of its drive to create an inclusive and immersive phygital world through art and technology.

Through collaborations with creatives across all fields to democratise Web3 for several, we have been thrilled to collaborate with Azuki to expand our vision beyond The Garden by bringing new types of art and culture experiences to the masses.

How come this very important to the NFT community most importantly?

It is a potential game changer for the NFT community in today’s bear market. As an effective entrepreneur, Adrian Cheng will continue steadily to push for the expansion of the web3 space. He’ll identify, promote and support web3 brands, you start with Azuki. Moreover, this move will democratize the NFT space and bring the metaverse to the masses.

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