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AEW Battle of the Belts III Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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    Credit: AEW

    Welcome to Bleacher Report’s coverage and recap of AEW Battle of the Belts 3 on August 6.

    These quarterly TV specials have grown to be a normal occurrence in AEW, even though this specific event had not been hyped up much beforehand, the card had three solid matchups.

    Claudio Castagnoli put the ROH World Championship at risk against Konosuke Takeshita, Thunder Rosa defended the AEW women’s title against Jamie Hayter, and Wardlow put his TNT title at risk against Jay Lethal.

    Let’s have a look at precisely what happened on Saturday’s BOTB special.

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    Credit: AEW

    The initial of three title matches with this card saw Wardlow defend the TNT Championship against Lethal. As usual, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt were at ringside to supply support for Lethal.

    The challenger took his time entering the ring, but a distraction from Dutt allowed him to make the most. He showed some power by hitting a good suplex, but Wardlow no-sold it and popped back around his feet.

    This match followed the precise pattern you’ll expect. Lethal used his associates to obtain an unfair advantage, and that allowed Wardlow to fight from underneath because the underdog while still being the more physically imposing of both.

    The War Dog scored the win along with his signature powerbomb, but Lethal, Dutt and Singh attacked him following the match and left him down and out after putting him by way of a table.

    This is decent, but we’ve seen far better from both men lately. We don’t need every match to feel just like the largest thing ever, nonetheless it felt like these were intentionally holding back sometimes. Both men did an excellent job, however the sense of urgency just wasn’t there.

    Winner: Wardlow

    Grade: B-

    Notable Moments and Observations

  • Lethal suplexing Wardlow was legitimately impressive. He was quitting plenty of weight but managed to get look good.
  • Section of Wardlow’s character is he undersells offense like Goldberg, however when he does sell for his opponents, he does an excellent job.
  • Among the downsides to the Lethal Injection is it is possible to always tell when somebody will countermand it.
  • Wardlow’s headbutt looked great.

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    Credit: AEW

    After scoring the win in a tag team match this week, Hayter earned the proper to challenge Rosa for the AEW women’s world title with this special.

    Britt Baker and Rebel have there been for Hayter, so that they did a similar thing Dutt and Singh did for Lethal in the last bout. They distracted the ref and occasionally took an inexpensive shot once the champ was down.

    Toni Storm arrived to greatly help even the chances just as much as she could so Rosa had not been at a disadvantage, but D.M.D. still found methods to distract the champ.

    This match never slowed up and allowed both women showing off the abilities that brought them to the table. It had been fast-paced while still allowing time to allow them to sell each other’s offense properly. This is solid work from begin to finish.

    Following a few close calls. Rosa could obtain the win by pinfall on a surprised Hayter. It left the entranceway open to allow them to up the ante within an eventual rematch.

    Winner: Thunder Rosa

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

  • Hayter looked fired-up because of this match during her entrance.
  • Rosa really was throwing herself in to the barricade when Hayter was in charge. Some people appear to be they decelerate right before they’re thrown into something, however, not Rosa. She hits it with full force.
  • The medial side slam Hayter hit onto the steps looked awesome. Rosa’s facial expressions of pain sold it well, too.
  • Rosa hit a brutal low dropkick that almost appeared as if it decapitated Hayter.
  • Just how Hayter sells a crossbody is definitely fun because she makes her opponents look good along the way.

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    Credit: AEW

    The ROH world title was at risk in the primary event when Castagnoli put the belt at risk against Takeshita. When the ref needed the bell, the champ sprinted at his opponent with the expectation of hitting an uppercut.

    Takeshita was a touch too quick and avoided the impact, in order that initiated a good technical exchange of holds and counters. Both these men are recognized for their precision, so everything they did looked smooth without feeling too rehearsed.

    Each time Castagnoli tried to ground his opponent with a submission, Takeshita would liberate, but whenever it found an exchange of strikes, the champ had top of the hand.

    This is a clinic. Both men demonstrated how good a match could be when both competitors share an identical group of skills while still having their own styles. Storylines are excellent, but sometimes putting two talented performers in the ring together is all you should develop a fun main event.

    Takeshita came near winning many times before Castagnoli finally put him away with the Ricolabomb for the pin to retain his title. This is an awesome solution to cap off a great hour of wrestling.

    Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

    Grade: A

    Notable Moments and Observations

  • That is among those situations where both guys are so popular that you didn’t hear an individual booing through the entire match.
  • The monkey flip spot was fun, and William Regal seemed to think so too by his reaction on commentary.
  • Takeshita is one particular guys who moves like a person who is a lot smaller and lighter. He could be so quick on his feet that it is an easy task to forget he could be kind of a large dude.
  • The DDT Pro Wrestling mainstay hit a lovely flip outrageous rope to obtain the champion.
  • The only real move around in the match that looked less-than-ideal was the frog splash from Takeshita.

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