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After 3 YEARS in Development, the planet of Warcraft Mobile Game Has Reportedly Been Cancelled

Folks have been discussing a Wow game on mobile so long as mobile ‘s been around, but for nearly all that point the closest weve gotten is Hearthstone which occurs in the higher Warcraft universe. That changed earlier this March though when Activision Blizzard announced two new Warcraft-related mobile games coming. Details were very vague at that time, but among those games was revealed in-may to be Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a Clash Royale-esque strategy game with Warcraft trappings. Another announced title was rumored to be some kind of MMORPG, much like Wow proper but its separate thing.

Well apparently that mysterious second game has been cancelled, in accordance with a written report from Bloomberg. The report states that the overall game have been in development for three years already, but that Blizzard and development partner NetEase cannot arrived at terms on a financing matter and ultimately made a decision to kill the project altogether instead of find some form of solution. That that doesnt appear to be an extremely healthy partnership. Not merely does which means that a casino game with three years of work under its belt just rise in smoke, however the a lot more than 100 developers focusing on the game have already been disbanded, and only many of them have already been transferred internally to other projects, based on the report.

Interestingly, the report also states a third Warcraft mobile game was in the works and was set to be always a Pokemon GO-like augmented reality game, nonetheless it officially got axed round the time Arclight Rumble was announced in early May. Apparently that game have been in development for 4(!) years before its cancellation. That is all pretty bizarre, especially due to the fact NetEase has been the distributor of Wow proper in China since 2009, therefore the two companies have already been printing money together for greater than a decade. You’ll think they might have the ability to figure that one out. In any case, if this story is definitely true its definitely a bummer because I’d have really liked to see just what a mobile WoW could have been about.

[Via Bloomberg]

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