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After Battlefield 2042 flop, EA pins hopes for single-player comeback on Halo co-creator

A soldier of Battlefield 2042 with his back turned

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EA has announced a fresh Battlefield campaign has been developed under Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto.

While Battlefield 2042 released with out a single-player campaign, future entries in the multiplayer FPS series look set to come back to create. Lehto was induced board this past year to head up new EA subsidiary studio Ridgeline Games, and can focus on creating a narrative campaign occur the Battlefield universe, in accordance with a news release (opens in new tab).

Lehto is really a co-creator of the Halo franchise, who worked as art director for the initial four mainline Halo games, and creative director on Halo: Reach. Hes even credited with designing Master Chief. EA is probable hoping to create off his experience, highlighting in a post (opens in new tab) his long legacy of fabricating fascinating worlds and gripping narratives.

Information on what this new narrative campaign can look like are scant, but EA says it’ll engage fans in new and exciting ways while remaining true to the classic components of the series. Its unclear when it’ll appear, or which future Battlefield game it’ll be part of. We realize for definite that you won’t release for Battlefield 2042.

Bye-bye Battlefield 2042

Three Specialists in Battlefield 2042

(Image credit: EA)

The announcement is merely the latest part of Dices try to shuffle from Battlefield 2042s disappointing legacy. The multiplayer-only shooter wasnt well received at launch because of its insufficient a single-player campaign, alongside the bevy of game-breaking glitches that quickly sent its active playerbase plummeting.

Its in an improved spot now, with the recent release of Season 2 causing hook resurgence in its community. But Dice is going to be keen in order to avoid replicating the mistake, rather than release just one more flop that it admits has had nine months to can get on the proper track.

That EA is embracing a business veteran like Lehto suggests this upcoming narrative campaign could represent a significant shift for the franchise. Lehto says he really wants to lead the charge on expanding the narrative, storytelling and character development opportunities in the Battlefield series, which may be described as a change of pace from the most common mustachioed gun-toting missions of previous games.

Other, bigger changes may also be afoot. In exactly the same post, EA confirmed that Battlefield creative director Lars Gustavsson was leaving developer Dice after 20 years. Hes been a figurehead of the series since its origins, but really wants to pass the baton to another generation of Battlefield creators. Battlefield could look completely different later on.

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