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Agrivoltaics for arable crops

French developer TSE has commissioned its first agrivoltaic pilot project in northeastern France. The two 2.4 MW installation spans 3 hectares and is installed on arable land specialized in the cultivation of soya, wheat, rye, barley, and rapeseed.

Image: TSE

From pv magazine France

French solar developer TSE inaugurated its first agrivoltaic pilot project on Sept. 8, in Amance, northeastern France.

The pilot facility has TSE’s agricultural canopy and a 2.4 MW shade with rotating solar power panels fixed on cables 5 meters above the bottom. The business also uses tracking algorithms with a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to orient the PV modules in accordance with climatic conditions. By optimizing this tracking algorithm, TSE hopes to have the ability to increase production between 10% and 20% in comparison to the standard PV plant.

We think that you’ll be able to reconcile sustainable agriculture, green energy, redeployment of biodiversity and preservation of water resources. This is actually the meaning of the ambitious program that people have designed and that people are deploying in nine other sites in France, said Mathieu Debonnet, the president of TSE.

The business said it’ll begin building three other pilot sites by the finish of the year. It’ll conduct agronomic trial for nine years over a location of 5 hectares to show the potency of the agricultural canopy on different crops. It has create a joint research study with INRAE, a public research institute that targets agriculture, food and the surroundings.

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