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Alex Berenson includes a hot news tip for super-duper internet reporter Taylor Lorenz about Twitter bans

A very important factor thats certain is that the Washington Posts Taylor Lorenz really wants to end Libs of TikTok. She doesnt just want her suspended from Twitter; she also really wants to follow her other resources of income, such as for example merchandise and Substack subscriptions. She also probably wanted her fired when she posted that expos revealing her name and linking to her property license.

As Twitchy has reported, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillion has set up a $20,000 reward for information resulting in the arrest of the one who reportedly phoned a bomb threat into Boston Childrens Hospital, though Lorenz left that out of her latest piece.

Alex Berenson knows something about being banned from Twitter and he thinks super-duper internet reporter Lorenz is merely the person to access underneath of it.

Hey @taylorlorenz, youre a super-duper Internet reporter, right? Have I acquired news for you personally! In April 2021, the Biden WH told Twitter to ban me. Twitter said it couldnt.

Youll never believe what happened next!

Appears like a tale @washingtonpost readers should know, yes?

Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) September 5, 2022

The e-mail that @AlexBerenson links is really a smoking gun. The Biden administration used social media marketing to enact a massive scheme to censor journalists and scientists against lockdown and vaccine discrimination. Why hasn’t every reputable media outlet made this front-page news?

Jay Bhattacharya (@DrJBhattacharya) September 5, 2022

Because, despite the fact that the federal government clearly coerced the censoring, they think Alex deserved it. They realize this hypocrisy so elect to not discuss it.

Jennifer Sey (@JenniferSey) September 5, 2022

After all, the media is 100% complicit in the censorship. They were/are actively taking part in silencing opposing voices. And the WH wasnt exactly hiding what these were doing. These were implicitly threatening SM platforms.

Gigi NYC (@OnlyInNY111) September 5, 2022

Only if @TaylorLorenz cared about not @TaylorLorenz, she might just be ready to do real work.

Merianne Jensen (@MerianneJensen) September 5, 2022

Come one guys, that is an excessive amount of for Taylor to take care of

TheQuestionIs (@WhoDecides_) September 5, 2022

She only chooses to accomplish journalisming once the potential upshot of a published article benefits an underlying cause she’s adopted. Credit where it’s due activists like her finally determined ways to get covered it; beneath the guise of professionalism, nonetheless.

Brody (@samebrody) September 5, 2022

She wont get invited to the very best parties if she writes that story

Dwight Mannsburden (@DwightMansburdn) September 5, 2022

Thats great! Except @TaylorLorenz is really a gossip columnist disguised as a tech journalist for a brilliant left and heavily discredited publication.

Check One Two (@hcasan0va) September 5, 2022

That is dangerous misinformation Alex. Our patience is wearing thin what else should you hear? The vaccine is effective and safe. If you obtain the vaccine you then cant get covid or spread it Do the proper thingIll provide you with a cheeseburger and fries

Hipnictwitch (@HipnickT) September 5, 2022








Dissident Teacher (@educatedandfree) September 5, 2022

Yes @TaylorLorenz inquiring minds need to know! This is actually the opportunity for one to restore some credibility to your job!

Miz Thatcher, RN (@MizThatch) September 5, 2022

Youd believe theyd be around this bombshellunless?

Brian McKeon (@Bbbmckeon) September 5, 2022

That is clearly a story @oliverdarcy is never gonna write.

KoronaKnievel19 (@faster34me) September 5, 2022

You will not get a remedy from Crybully

Fleegle McBeagle (@McbeagleFleegle) September 5, 2022

She’s too concerned about what LoTT is tweeting.

(@banned_404) September 5, 2022

Once the White House approaches Twitter and asks why a vaccine skeptic hasnt been banned yet, thats a tale.

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Seth Dillon calls cry-bully Taylor Lorenzs BLUFF offering 10s of 1000s for information on bomb threat she alleged Bostons Children received

Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 5, 2022

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