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Alexandra Bommer Joins zant.’s Network of Quality Providers

Bridgewater, NJ, September 17, 2022 –(–zant. provides usage of mental health services for those who might possibly not have access otherwise. zant.’s mission would be to develop a simpler method of support with direct collaboration and communication between highly-skilled providers and experts for individuals who need their services most. zant. is proud to announce that Life Coach, Alexandra Bommer has joined its network of highly-skilled providers and experts. zant. The iOS app is focused on making mental health services open to everyone who needs them free of charge access and at low costs and will be offering support across 25+ types of focus areas.

By joining zant.s extensive network of professionals, Bommer will undoubtedly be offering low-cost support services to people over the USA. Many providers have joined the platform due to the differentiation within the mental health space. zant. isn’t your typical mental health app. Rather than employing their providers, they work alongside them being an all-in-one business solution including marketing, schedule, and billing management. zant. helps providers to possess more time because of their clients and less time stressing and burning from the business enterprise. Bommers goal in dealing with the app would be to recognize how clients are dealing with their current trauma and slowly create long-term change in order to better their lives.

She finds coaching to be so rewarding, she says, because I’m helping people discover ways to help themselves. Bommer requires a holistic method of coaching, not only focusing on taking care of of an individuals life, but considering her client as their own person.

Bommer works together with individuals who’ve experienced physical, emotional, along with other traumas in addition to people that have ongoing chronic health issues. She also focuses on working with those who are seeking to reverse health issues through exercise and diet by developing meal plans. Bommer has received forty hours of assault crisis intervention training at the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) Crisis Hotline & Assault Crisis Intervention Training and happens to be studying as a Clinical Psychology PsyD student to keep furthering her career.

One of many quotes Bommer carries into her practice as a life coach is, failing is merely a learning experience.

If you discover that you might fit in this need of services, find Coach Bommer today for a free of charge consultation by downloading zant. on the iOS App Store.


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