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Alicia Silverstone, the 90s Star Who Refused to Bend to Beauty Standards

Through the 90s, many young stars had the chance toshine. However, itwas also common for them tosuddenly disappear from the general public eye. Luckily, some ofthem returned afew years later. Thats just what happened toAlicia Silverstone, who was simply atthe peak ofher career when she realized that fame was included with alot ofpressure.

Bright Side wants totell you the story ofAlicias success and just why she felt judgments toward her appearance meant she had totake abreak from acting.

Alicia started her career when she was very young, atthe age of6. Her father took some pictures ofher and thanks tothem she managed tostar insome commercials. Her first important gig intelevision was asmall part inTHE BEAUTIFUL Years, back1988, and came the film that could place her inthe public eye: The Crush, in1993.

Inthe film, the young woman won the affection ofteenage viewers with the role ofAdrian Forrester, agirl enthusiastic about anolder man. Alicia was only 16yrs . old when she was working onthe film production and lived alone inanapartment inVancouver; she had toofficially emancipate herself todevote herself toher career regular.

The actress admitted that having been independent atsuch ayoung age, she probably missed some steps inher emotional development. However, she also realizes that she gained experience and matured sooner than other folks her age.

The stunning actress caught the worlds attention, including Aerosmiths, who hired her tostar in3oftheir most successful videos. From then on, Alicia became the youth idol ofthe moment, and at18, she got the chance tostar inamovie that could change her life.

The young woman was cast toplay Cher Horowitz inClueless, arom-com loosely based onJane Austens Emma, although with amuch newer approach. The film was aperfect reflection ofthe youth society ofthe 90s and left asignificant mark onpop culture, lasting a lot more than 25years following its release.

For the star, all that success was unexpected and abit overwhelming. Her life took a180-degree turn inanindustry where she claims she felt isolated. Ididnt expect the reaction wegot atall. Itwas an excessive amount of, and Ithink, ifanything, ittook meaway from achieving this work with awhile and got memuch more into myactivism, the actress admitted years later.

Alicia also acknowledged that she was never interested inbeing astar. She defined herself asatheater nerd who was simply passionate about her profession and wanted toact without aspiring tobeworld-famous. After Clueless, she became the lady everyone was discussing, and all of the directors wanted tohave intheir cast, but that could soon become aburden.

Silverstone was barely 20when she saw adarker side ofHollywood. Itmade such animpression that she moved from what she claimed was her great passion. In1997 she landed the role ofBatgirl inBatman &Robin. Itwas possibly one ofthe most significant roles ofher career. Shed use George Clooney and Chris ODonnell. However, critics soon came todemolish her dream. She ended upinthe spotlight, both for the films flop and on her behalf physique.

Alicia had toput upwith being called fat and also some nasty nicknames, referring toher character and her tight costume. They made fun ofmybody whenI was younger. Itwas painful, butI knew these were wrong. Iknew itwasnt right tomake fun ofsomeones physique; itdoesnt seem right todothat toahuman being, the actress said inaninterview.

Following this bitter experience, Alicia decided enough was enough and wouldn’t normally bend tothe standards ofsuch acruel industry ortry tochange her body tofitin. Myresponse was, No. Ihad nointerest inbeing acelebrity ormaintaining any fame, she said. Ifyoure telling methat acting means Im going tobecalled fat, andI have todothings acertain way, then Ill pass.

She also acknowledged that she stopped loving acting for along time, but thanks toahiatus, she found that fame didnt have toget inthe way ofher passion orstop her from doing everything she enjoyed about her profession. When she turned30, the actress hired anew agent, encouraging her totake only those roles she felt connectedto. She had toturn down many important film and television roles on the way, but she stayed true toher principles.

Inthe meantime, the star found that there are alternative activities that she ispassionate about and towhich itwas worth dedicating her hard work. Alicia became anactivist inthe fight for animal rights. Also, after 8years ofpreparation and planning, she fulfilled another ofher dreams: she published avegan cookbook entitled THE TYPE Diet.

Later, she rediscovered her love for acting after being encouraged toappear inaplay, Boston Marriage. Ifelt that has been whatI was meant todo, Ilove itsomuch; Ineeded tofind away todoboth, tobeable tobeanactress and anactivist atthe same time, and thats what Idid, said the performer.

And itseems that she’s achieved her purpose because the 45-year-old artist has been very active inacting going back 10years. Shes worked asnactress and producer ofmultiple independent films, television, theater, and dubbing projects. Some ofthem are Bad Therapy, Scream, orAmerican Woman.

She’s also managed tostay from the spotlight and tabloids bybalancing her career asanactress and activist and enjoying her role asamother. Alicia raises her son Bear, born in2011, onher terms, ignoring the opinions ofothers. Inaword, she handles other peoples opinions exactly like she did when critics were discussing her body: byignoring them.

Without adoubt, Alicia Silverstone proves that fame and glamour dont always mean success. She was undeterred bythe pressures ofthe industry tofit into arole she didnt believein, and in spite of staying from the screen for awhile, she managed tofind away tofall back inlove with her profession and obtain her career back ontrack.

When did you have todeal with other peoples judgments, and how did you handleit? What would bethe easiest way tobuild amore empathetic and kind world, according toyou?

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