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All of the Upcoming DC/DCEU Movies and TV Series in a single Handy List

Any DC fan will let you know one thing for certain: the DC film and television universes could be…confusing. Unlike its competitor Marvel, DC has movies and tv shows in a number of places, and you can find even multiple adaptations for exactly the same character. Nearly every major cable network has already established a DC superhero at one point, including Lucifer and Gotham on Fox and the short-lived Constantine on NBC. Fortunately, recently the separate universes have grown to be better to track since most content has moved to HBOMax or Netflix.

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) encompasses all theatrical movie releases from Man of Steel to now. These films are where DC hopes to make a continuous story, where each hero or villain’s actions in a single film means others. The only real notable exception up to now is The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, that is separate from the overarching storyline in the DCEU.

In the coming years, there is a amount of new characters planned to get the big screen treatment for the very first time, as well as the continued stories of well-known superheroes like Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman. The films as of this moment have no link with the DC tv shows, but HBO Max is going to be the comic giant’s try to bring cohesion within both mediums, with spin-offs like The Suicide Squad’s Peacemaker (John Cena).

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Because the DC Universe streaming service moved from hosting original programming and back again to selling digital comics, HBO Max now distributes most non-Arrowverse tv shows and movies, both animated and live-action. Up to now the only real movie from the cinematic universe the service has premiered is Wonder Woman 1984. Still, the platform hosts DCEU-adjacent programming like Doom Patrol, and theres an idea to possess two television spin-offs of The Batman.

As well as the DCEU movies and shows, however, its also worth mentioning the vast selection of non-DCEU content among various cable channels and streaming services. First, theres the Arrowverse. The CW has hosted DCs characters since 2012, you start with Arrow, a undertake DC’s Green Arrow. Since that time, numerous other live-action shows and animated series have premiered and engaged in multiple major crossovers with their own self-contained storylines. The story arcs in the Arrowverse are kept within The CW and also have no major influence on characters on other networks or in the films.

Additionally, there is Netflix, a newcomer to hosting DC shows. After picking right up Lucifer and Sweet Tooth, the streaming giant is becoming just one more home to DC content. The streaming service can be going to premiere the DC property The Sandman for fantasy and science fiction fans who would like more DC adaptations that arent just superhero related.

With regard to this list though, well only be concentrating on DCEU movies and tv shows, in addition to the few DC properties which are next to the extended universe or experienced major theatrical releases (like Doom Patrol and The Batman). Listed below are all of the DCEU movies and shows along the way.


Black Adam (October 21, 2022)

If somehow you havent been monitoring The Rocks Black Adam workouts, youre really missing out. Black Adam can be an antihero who shares exactly the same magical powers with Shazam, and may end up being the superheros archenemy in the DCEU. Because of Covid-19, the film has been pushed from its December 2021 release date to summer 2022. For the present time, there’s very little else to talk about aside from the Rock’s Instagram updates on the movie and his shredded physique.

Shazam: Fury of the Gods (December 21, 2022)


Warner Bros.

Originally planned for a 2022 release, the pandemic delayed production for the kids-turned-superheroes sequel. Lucy Liu, Helen Mirren and Rachel Zegler have already been cast in new roles and may function as villains for the upcoming sequel. Additionally, there is no word if Black Adam could have any direct link with the Shazam! sequel.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (March 17, 2023)


Warner Bros.

Very little is known concerning the sequel to Jason Momoas Aquaman. Various cast from the initial film are anticipated to reprise their roles, including Yahya Abdul-Mateen.

The Flash (June 23, 2023)

ezra miller as the flash, zack snyder's justice league trailer

Warner Bros.

After his first appearance in Batman V. Superman, The Flash has their own film along the way. Starring Ezra Miller, The Flash is inspired by the comic storyline Flashpoint, where in fact the superhero attempts to visit back in its history to avoid his mothers murder. Due to exactly what will hopefully be less confusing time travel than Marvel’s, the movie will feature not just one, but two versions of Batman, played by both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, who reprises his role as Batman from the 1989 and 1992 films (and could have a big role later on).

Blue Beetle (August 18, 2023)

blue beetle

DC Comics

Earlier this season, Variety reported that Angel Manuel Soto of Charm City Kings will undoubtedly be directing a film on DCs Blue Beetle. His version will focus the most recent rendition of the hero, a Mexican-American teenager named Jaime Reyes who gains alien armor and weapons whenever a mysterious scarab bings to his spine. Gross.

The Batman 2 (TBD)

Despite its commercial success and critical acclaim, we don’t possess 100% confirmation there’ll be a sequel to The Batman. Still, having an at the very least $700 million profit, it’d be shocking if we didn’t reach see Robert Pattinson play the moody superhero again. For the time being, you can find two definite spin-offs to the film arriving at HBOMax, probably in 2023.

Joker: Folie a Deux (TBD)

The critically acclaimed (and socially divisive) Joker is slated for a sequel film. Very little is known concerning the upcoming film, but The Hollywood Reporter says Lady Gaga is in early foretells star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in the movie.

Wonder Woman 3 (TBD)

wonder woman

Warner Bros.

After Wonder Woman 1984, there’s already a third film for the powerful Amazon in the works. Because of Covid-19, Jenkins put the story on hold in 2020, so there is absolutely no telling when Jenkins will go back to the script or once the film will enter production. Plus, Jenkins is busy directing Cleopatra (which Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot will star in) and a fresh Star Wars film called Rogue Squadron.

Supergirl (TBD)

the young and the restless

Sasha Calle

CBS Photo Archive//Getty Images

Supermans young protege will finally make her newest feature film appearance soon. The Young and the Restless star Sasha Calle has been cast as Supergirl in the upcoming The Flash film, making the film the lady in Steels DCEU debut before her very own standalone movie. And when were lucky, Henry Cavill can make a Superman cameo to instruct Supergirl the ropes.

Zatanna (TBD)


DC Comics

In the comics, Zatanna is really a magician who spent some time working with the Justice League and Batman during the past. She’s also an associate of Justice League Dark, a magical offshoot of the initial Justice League. She’s only appeared in live-action in the ultimate three seasons of Smallville, and was portrayed by Serinda Swan. No actress has been cast for the upcoming movie yet. The script will undoubtedly be compiled by Promising Young Woman’s Emerald Fennell, in accordance with Variety.

Static Shock (TBD)

michael b jordan poses on the red carpet wearing a black suit and white button up

Leon Bennett//Getty Images

A smaller known superhero, Static Shock follows a Black teenager who suddenly gets electric powers and assumes the superhero name Static. The type had an animated show back 2000, but hasnt been revisited since. In accordance with A.V. Club, Michael B. Jordan signed to produce the film, and Grand Armys Randy McKinnon is writing the script. Jordan hasnt given a lot more news than that, but its another new hero to help keep a watch on.

Superman (TBD)

sxsw convergence keynote ta nehisi coates  2018 sxsw conference and festivals

Ismael Quintanilla//Getty Images

Made by JJ Abrams, with a script compiled by Ta-Nehisi Coates? This upcoming Superman reboot has already been looking good. Theres little word on who’s directing or starring in the film, but if its ripped directly from the comics, the brand new Superman will need put on Earth-2, another Earth timeline that has a Black alien superhero. It could then haven’t any effect on Henry Cavil’s version of the type.

Green Lantern Corps (TBD)

ryan reynolds as green lantern

Warner Bros.

Its unclear if this project continues to be in the works together with a Green Lantern television series also arriving at HBO Max. But since we havent heard anything concerning the film being shelved, Green Lantern Corps is another upcoming DC film which has no director or release date announced. In accordance with Deadline, screenwriters David Goyer (Batman V Superman) and Justin Rhodes (Terminator: Dark Fate) created a script back 2019, but thats the newest news on the movie.


Titans Season 4 (Likely 2022)

hbo max titans promo shot

DCs Titans on HBO Max


Dick Graysons team of teenage superheroes is returning soon. Another season may have characters potentially returning from the dead, the Titans relocating to Gotham City, and the state appearance of villain Red Hood, another of Batmans former Robins. A third season of Titans is expected in August 2021.

Doom Patrol Season 4 (Likely 2023)

doom patrol powers


Initially announced as a spin-off of DCs Titans, Doom Patrols ragtag team of kind-of superheroes are actually completely separate from other DC shows. Actually, the shows main characters even made cameos within the Arrowverse through the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Now on HBOMax, Doom Patrol is currently on its fourth season, so more episodes could drop sometime in 2022.

Peacemaker Season 2 (Likely 2023)

john cena

Dia Dipasupil//Getty Images

Based around John Cenas character from The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker will observe Christopher Smith, a pacifist who decides to forgo his non-violent morals to be able to obtain peace. From The Suicide Squad trailer, he appears a lot more than pleased to kill anyone who stands in his way.

Justice League Dark Series (TBD)

jj abrams

Slaven Vlasic//Getty Images

JJ Abrams will undoubtedly be creating a series predicated on Justice League Dark. In the comics, the team includes magical heroes who cope with supernatural forces the standard Justice League may feel less equipped to take care of. Having an upcoming Constantine series also along the way, DC appears like it’ll launch a fresh universe with Abrams adaptations.

Constantine (TBD)

nbc's constantine

Matt Ryan as NBCs Constantine

NBC Universal

Unrelated to Keanu Reeves 2005 film, or the 2014 NBC show, IGN reports that JJ Abrams production company Bad Robot Productions will establish a fresh Constantine series, linked with Abrams other television adaptation of Justice League Dark, that will premiere on HBOMax sometime in the foreseeable future. Its too early to inform, but DC could possibly be seeking to officially bring Constantine in to the DCEU movies, alongside fellow magician Zatanna.

A Gotham P.D. Series (TBD)

gotham jerome jeremiah


A spin-off group of the upcoming The Batman movie, the untitled project will further explore corruption within Gotham City and happen prior to the events of the upcoming film. Very little is known aside from the series showrunner, who Variety reports is Joe Barton, who created and wrote Netflixs Girl/Haji.

A Gotham-focused series will need to veer from Fox’s Gotham, which ended in 2019. That series centered on the not-yet commissioner Jim Gordon and the city’s police department all together. In addition, it had several well-known villains and their origin stories, including the Joker (even though show couldn’t really call him that, we knew what these were doing). Because it occurs after Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, though, it must be safe.

Green Lantern Series (TBD)

glsen respect awards los angeles inside

Matt Winkelmeyer//Getty Images

Guess what happens they say, in the event that you dont succeed, try try again….at HBOMax. Greg Berlanti, who spent some time working on Arrowverse, directed Love, Simon and executive produced Doom Patrol, will now write and create a new Green Lantern series for the streaming service. Berlanti also wrote and produced the poorly-received 2011 Ryan Reynolds adaptation, so he knows the material well. The series still does not have any official release date.

Madame X (TBD)

In 2021, The Hollywood Reporter announced JJ Abrams will be dealing with Angela Robinson to produce a Madame X tv program inspired by the DC Comics character Madame Xanadnu. No word on hawaii of the show as of this moment.

Dead Boy Detectives (TBD)

After appearing in Season 3 of Doom Patrol, the Dead Boy Detectives may also get yourself a standalone show on HBOMax, in accordance with Variety.

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