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Amandla Stenberg Defends Clapping Back at Bodies Bodies Bodies Critic: I Thought IT HAD BEEN Hilarious

Beware before criticizing Gen Z. Amandla Stenberg has had to Instagram to guard herself after sending an indignant message to NY Times film critic Lena Wilson after she negatively reviewed Stenberg’s film Bodies Bodies Bodies. After discussing the A24 film as a 95-minute advertisement for cleavage in her review, Wilson shared on Twitter that Sternberg direct messaged her on Instagram.

Your review was great, the message read. Maybe in the event that you had gotten your eyes off my tits you wouldve watched the movie!

Wilson tweeted a screenshot of Stenberg’s message on Wednesday evening with the caption do you consider she instagram DM’d Alison Willmore, Justin Chang, and Anthony Lane such as this orreferencing other critics who reviewed the film. her tweet and viral, spurring backlash contrary to the Bodies Bodies Bodies star. On Thursday, Stenberg took to her Instagram stories to describe her reasoning for sending the salacious DM.

I have already been receiving a large amount of commentary on the web for being an extremely naughty girl and sending a DM that I thought was hilarious, Stenberg says, choking back laughter.

She continues: “Theres a film critic and her name is Lena Wilson. She described [Bodies Bodies Bodies] as a 95 minute advertisement for cleavage, that i thought was hilarious. I’m proud a good article that I was in was referred to as such in that renowned publication. That is clearly a really unique experience that I reach have.

Stenberg continues on to state she sent the message in jest, explaining that she thought Wilson might appreciate the message since they both identify as queer. I thought it had been hilarious. I thought because Lena is gay, and I’m also gayas gay people we’d both find this comment funny. I was also curious to learn what Lena would tell this type of statement. Lena made a decision to publish it and in addition says that I’m homophobic for saying that.

Stenberg ended her Instagram story by further explaining her intention for messaging Wilson, drawing an assessment to the unwarranted attention her body receives being an actress in Hollywood. The quantity of commentary I receive on my boobs is indeed extreme, Stenberg says. It has happened since i have was an adolescent. I possibly could literally be wearing a t-shirt and just due to the size of my boobs you will have some form of sexualization or commentary on my chest.”

While you can find multiple ladies in the movie, Stenberg appears to believe Wilson’s cleavage comment was directed towards her. I knew that comment was probably mostly directed towards me, she says. “I wore this tank top in this movie because me and the costume designer felt it fit the type well. I really do get sick and tired of people discussing my chest. It appears to stay Hollywood it isn’t normalized to possess boobs which are above an A or perhaps a B cup. There appears to be plenty of unwarranted conversation about my chest that sort of baffles me.

Lena, I thought your review was hilarious,” Stenberg says towards the finish of her video. “I thought my DM was funny. I did so not mean to harass you. I really do not wish you any harm. You’re permitted to have your criticism on might work and Im permitted to have my criticisms of one’s work. I wish you the very best.

Nonetheless it seems that Stenberg isn’t entirely on the review. Because of whoever has attended see our 95 minute advertisement for cleavage, she concludes.

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