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Amari Cooper Breaks out in Browns’ Make an impression on Steelers as Fans Mock Cowboys for Trade

AP Photo/David Richard

Dallas Cowboys fans may be wishing that they had Amari Cooper back right about now.

The veteran wide receiver come up with a significant performance in his third game with the Cleveland Browns on Thursday contrary to the Pittsburgh Steelers, catching seven passes for 101 yards and a touchdown in a 29-17 win.

Once Cooper hit the 100-yard mark, fans begun to mock the Cowboys’ decision to trade the four-time Pro Bowler, who now has 19 catches for 219 yards and two touchdowns on the growing season, in trade for a 2022 fifth-round pick.

StatMuse @statmuse

Amari Cooper tonight:

101 YDS1 TD

His first-time with back-to-back 100 yard games since 2016.

mike taddow @MikeTaddow

the cowboys letting amari cooper go will haunt them /is haunting them

Daniel Corrigan @Corrigan_Tweets

The Cowboys literally just gave us Amari Cooper, man.

Evan Dammarell @AmNotEvan

Amari Cooper tonight really enables you to wonder what the Cowboys were thinking

Justin Morris @Justin_JM12

Eagles got more for Jalen Reagor compared to the Cowboys did for Amari Cooper

Doug Kyed @DougKyed

I’m not gonna lie. It had been weird for the Cowboys to trade 28-year-old Amari Cooper for a fifth-round pick because he was making $20M per year when 11 wide receivers then continued to sign contracts worth at the very least $20M each year this offseason.

Tom Ignudo @TomIgnudo

Still cant believe the Cowboys gave Amari Cooper up for less than they did.

Joe Mehling @JMehling

The #Cowboys traded Amari Cooper for a 5th round pick.

Ill say it again, Leading office ought to be fined millions for incompetence.

Robert Griffin III @RGIII

Man, Cowboys might use Amari Cooper right about now.

Tom Ryle, progressive guy @TomRyleBTB

So remind me again just why Amari Cooper was so unpalatable to the Cowboys?

NFL Rumors @nflrums

#Cowboys Jerry Jones said #Browns Amari Cooper didn’t perform just like a star player. I believe he’s got tonight!!

Evan Dammarell @AmNotEvan

Amari Cooper tonight really enables you to wonder what the Cowboys were thinking

Marsh Cristobal @hurricanesmarsh

Only a reminder that the Cowboys gave Amari Cooper away for a bag of candy

David Howman @_DH44_

Cowboys traded Amari Cooper for the proper to draft Matt Waletzko and Devin Harper

Hood @Hoodiano7

Cowboy fans already missing Amari Cooper yea Jones gave him up for a turkey sandwich many thanks Jerry #DallasCowboys #Browns

martymcsuperfly @jongiuffre

Man positive thing the #cowboys eliminated Amari Cooper. Two 100 yard games in a row isn’t the type of production they value

yung chlorophyll @coldWauta

The Amari cooper trade may be the worst trade in Dallas cowboys history

The Cowboys are 1-1 on the growing season carrying out a 20-17 Week 2 make an impression on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fifth-year wide receiver Noah Brown currently leads the Cowboys in receiving yards with 10 catches for 159 yards and something touchdown in two games. Star receiver CeeDee Lamb is second with nine catches for 104 yards.

Brown and Lamb will be the only two Cowboys receivers to attain the 100-yard mark this year.

Cooper can look to help keep the momentum going in a few days contrary to the Atlanta Falcons.

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