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Amazon Alexa GETS Ads Disguised as Answers

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Amazons Alexa is among the most used virtual assistants on the market, and itll soon have a new method of make its answers more accurate. How, you may ask? By requesting help from brands in trade for a few brand exposure, needless to say.

Amazon officially announced a fresh Alexa feature called Customers Ask Alexa, that allows brands to input their very own answers to common questions created by users, rather than pulling those answers from the web or from Alexas crowdsourced answers.

Theyll be, in ways, ads disguised as answers, plus they would presumably be shown only once someone asks something highly relevant to that brand. Whenever a remedy to a question is from the brand, itll be clarified and the solution will be related to that specific brand. All answers will proceed through content moderation and quality checks, and brands will never be able to purchase answers, so theoretically, those a couple of things should keep brands from abusing the machine. Needless to say, though, thatll be determined by how good, or bad, those checks are.

If the machine is performed right, it may be a means for answers for some questions to be curated and, subsequently, improved. And along the way, brands will get exposure. Everyone wins.

Branded answers begins turning up on Amazon serp’s by the finish of the year, while Alexa must start reading them out by the start of next year.

Source: AFTVnews

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