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Amazon is investing in a company which makes pallet-stacking robots

Amazon has decided to buy Cloostermans, an organization which makes robots with the capacity of stacking pallets in its warehouses. Amazon says it already uses Belgium-based Cloostermans’ tech, that may also package products.

Following the acquisition closes, Cloostermans’ 200 roughly employees will join the Amazon Global Robotics division in Europe and likely dedicate their time and energy to solely building tech that suits Amazon’s needs. “By focusing Cloostermanss deep experience in engineering, machinery, and robotics, we shall quicker deploy solutions inside our workplace that support employees within their roles and improve safety at the job, and also lessen packaging waste,” Amazon said in a news release. The business has previously spoken of its belief that having more robots will improve worker safety.

Amazon has been introducing more robots to its warehouses to improve automation. In June, it revealed Proteus, its first autonomous warehouse robot. These devices is with the capacity of moving carts filled up with packages alone.

While Amazon has been relying more on robots at its fulfillment centers for quite some time, the Cloostermans acquisition comes immediately after employees at a Staten Island facility became the initial Amazon warehouse workers to win a union election. The business said in 2019 that automation isn’t likely to replace human workers at warehouses for at the very least ten years.

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