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Amazon Primes New Free Games ARE THE Best Assassins Creed, Lord Of The Rings, AND MUCH MORE

A screenshot from the game shows two women asking two Egyptian warriors for help.

Assassins Creed Origins
Screenshot: Ubisoft

Starting the following month, Amazon Prime subscribers can grab eight free PC games, like the best Assassins Creed game, Football Manager 2022, and the open world stab em up, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Once we get near to the start of a fresh month, Amazon has announced what freebies it’ll be offering to Prime subscribers. Some months these free games certainly are a mixture of bleh and meh, other times the choice carries a few classics but nothing too exciting. But this September looks to be among the better months in a few time.

As always, these eight games will undoubtedly be absolve to grab for Prime members starting on the initial of the month and so are only open to install and play on PC. Heres the set of all eight games:

  • Assassins Creed Origins
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the entire year Edition
  • Football Manager 2022
  • The Dig
  • We. The Revolution
  • Castle on the Coast
  • Word of regulations: Death Mask Collectors Edition
  • Defend the Rook

Both big highlights this month are needless to say Assassins Creed Origins and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. If youve been craving a big, open-world game to obtain lost in, both these titles offers you tons of hours of stealthy action and shadow stabbin. Over at Kotaku, while we adore Black Flag and Odyssey, we think Origins and its own fantastic main campaign and Egyptian map is the greatest entry in the long-running Ubisoft series.

And when you are worked up about the brand new Lord of the Rings Prime show that premieres on September 2, Shadow of Mordors darker and much more action-focused undertake Tolkiens iconic franchise may be an ideal companion as you watch the expensive new show.

Meanwhile, dont sleep on the classic 90s point-and-click adventure game, The Dig. It had been produced by Lucasarts and was partially compiled by Steven Speilberg himself and features a fascinating and mysterious sci-fi plot which could have easily been a movie. (Actually, the initial story Speilberg developed for the overall game was initially planned to become a film, but was deemed very costly to create.)

The Dig and another seven games will undoubtedly be open to grab and install for all Prime subscribers on PC starting September 1. If you need to join Prime, the service currently costs $15 per month or $140 per year and includes free shipping on Amazon orders along with other benefits.

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