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Amouranth, Twitch Streamer and Model Launches Adult NFT Marketplace

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth announced she actually is helping launch the blockchain-based OnlyFans rival Shush Club. Amouranth happens to be listed as a brandname advisor. Therefore, she’ll use her wealth of knowledge in article marketing and streaming to aid the brand new adult NFT marketplace.

Amouranth may be the new brand advisor for the adult NFT marketplace Shush Club.

What’s Shush Club?

Shush Club happens to be in development. However, it claims to pioneer a revolutionary infrastructure to aid the rapidly growing creator economy. It provides a blockchain-powered option to platforms like OnlyFans and aims to become an easy-to-use adult NFT Marketplace.

Shush Club promises to empower micro along with macro creators like Amouranth. It’ll do that by promoting and driving traffic with their page, offering them the chance to market their products and driving advertising opportunities. Furthermore, Shush Club aims to utilize blockchain technology to provide instant payouts via the native $SHUSH token and unlimited earning opportunities while protecting creators from chargebacks.

Moreover, while traditional payment processing services may charge an 8 % commission, $SHUSH tokens are just at the mercy of gas fees. Furthermore, utilizing the native token, fans can buy content without revealing any personal stats.

shush club adult nft marketplace
Shush Club promises to function as blockchain option to OnlyFans.

About Amouranth

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, better referred to as Amouranth, may be the second hottest Twitch streamer with over 5.5 million followers. Not only is it an effective streamer, Amouranth has other ventures, including stocks, property, a pool toy company and much more.

Amouranth is among the biggest creators on OnlyFans, earning around $1.5 million monthly. However, she recently announced that she’ll be retiring from OnlyFans. Instead, she actually is launching an e-girl agency that helps other female content creators expand their business.

Additionally, Amouranth will undoubtedly be supporting what’s set to become OnlyFans blockchain alternative, Shush Club. She announced her partnership with Shush Club via Twitter: So excited to be advising @Shush_clubs development team this platform is gonna be considered a TOTAL gamechanger!! Having this type of popular internet celebrity support their venture will certainly help Shush Clubs growth.

Adult content and web3

Shush Club may be the latest in the type of adult content web3 ventures which have hit the blockchain this season. Dolz is really a metaverse focused on virtual adult content, which include two NFT collections: iStripper Adult Trading Cards and VR Paradise NFT. Kinkify Girl NFTs may also be spicing up the chain and paving just how for a fresh, adult-focused marketplace. Much like other niches, blockchain offers adult content creators the chance to cut right out middlemen and get back control.

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