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An American fighter scored an awful win when he broke his opponent’s arm in two

Arm break in MMA fight.

Arm break in MMA fight.Photo by Cage Titans / Twitter

  • There is an awful arm break during Saturday’s amateur Cage Titans 55 show in Massachusetts.

  • Kyla Paveo defeated Wayne Downer in the next round with a keylock submission move.

  • The move resulted in Downer’s arm snapping in two. Viewing discretion is preferred.

An American fighter scored a gruesome stoppage Saturday when he snapped his opponent’s arm in two.

Everything transpired during an MMA and Muay Thai event called Cage Titans 55, which occurred at the Plymouth Memorial Hall in Massachusetts.

Kyla Paveo and Wayne Downer fought a three-round amateur contest in the ninth episode of the 18-fight card.

It had been Paveo’s first-ever MMA fight, and he ended things midway through the next round when he caught Downer within an armbar.

In the video below, viewers will not only start to see the impact a keylock submission might have.

However, what really rams the disturbing move home may be the noise that’s made when Downer’s bone breaks.

WARNING: Viewing discretion is preferred.

Here’s Octagonside footage of the aftermath:

Paveo has competed for Cage Titans before, nonetheless it was in grappling matches instead of mixed fighting techinques bouts.

His fight Downer was his first in MMA, and judging from the performance alone, it could not function as last.

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