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An Avatar: THE FINAL Airbender mobile game is launching this month

Hopefully it lives around the series potential

Avatar: THE FINAL Airbenderis among the most beloved TV group of in history (and once and for all reason), and its own about damn time it got another gaming adaptation. This week Square Enix and Navigator Games announced that theyre collaborating on an Avatar: THE FINAL Airbendermobile game for Android and iOS, that is launching in Canada, South Africa, and Sweden this month before a wider release.

The overall game, titledAvatar: Generations, is a free-to-play RPG that may include squad-based battles and in-game adventure sequences (whatever which means), in accordance with GameSpot. Players can explore an open world, in addition to relive iconic story moments from the show aswell. We are able to also be prepared to see our favorite characters like Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, Zuko, Appa, and Momo. Future updates gives players usage of Avatar Kyoshi, Korra, Roku, and explore all of the nations.

Square Enix and Navigator set up an official website for theAvatar: Generations, although its basically empty as of this moment, so its worth returning to in a little if they release more info. Theres also no hint concerning once the full release ofGenerations may be, but considering its a mobile launch, it’s likely that it wont take provided that the normal game releases were used to.

Im honestly shocked that the games industry hasnt givenATLA more love until this aspect, considering what size and enthusiastic the fanbase is. Im sure many of us would prefer a complete AAA treatment over anAvatar mobile game, but its an excellent place to begin.

There have certainly been the right mobile games predicated on bigger franchises before couple of years Fallout Shelter being chief included in this.Hopefully if Generations does well, a few of the bigger studios will catch to the potential that franchise must make some really kickass games.

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