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AN EXERCISE Model Shared the FAT REDUCTION Diet He Uses to obtain Shredded

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In a fresh video on his YouTube channel, bodybuilder and fitness model Aseel Soueid shares just what a full day of eating appears like when he could be trying to lose weight, demonstrating step-by-step how he prepares each meal in his cutting diet.

Breakfast is chicken sausage and egg whites, and a plate of “proatmeal” made out of oats, unsweetened almond milk, a banana and protein powder. This involves a complete of 832 calories, split across 88 grams of carbs (mostly made up of the oats), 21 grams of fat, and 69 grams of protein.

“You may be wondering, that is clearly a large amount of food,” says Soueid. “Well, it really is… But bear in mind I don’t eat when I awaken, so this is approximately three or four 4 hours after waking, I’m pretty hungry at this time, I’ve had only water and black coffee… This meal gets me to nearly 3 o’clock, when I train, and I’m not wanting to eat until 5 or 6 again.”

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As the video targets a complete day of eating, Soueid reminds his subscribers that nutrition is most effective for weight loss when found in concert together with your workouts. “If you are not training hard enough in the fitness center, you’re not likely to lose surplus fat or pack on muscle,” he says. “Your daily diet won’t do all the do the job.”

For a post-workout snack, Soueid includes a 90-calorie protein shake and a protein bar. “It certainly helps reduce my appetite,” he says. “Typically I have a tendency to over-eat easily don’t possess this, because I get super hungry when i workout.”

The 3rd meal is pasta and meatballs made out of lean ground beef, totalling 600 calories. Then it’s time for the fourth and final meal of your day, and it’s really a bro staple: chicken white meat and rice with salad and salsa. This brings his total daily consumption to 2,200 calories, across 234 grams of carbs, 53 grams of fat and 201 grams of protein.

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