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An Ode to the Dustbuster, the GOAT of Cheap, Powerful Vacuums

Twas a hot summer night and the pipe was lit,

When all I needed was a location to sit.

THEREFORE I sat on my bed, and I sat on a chip.

Crumbs in the sheets

A fate so foul.

Exactly what will I do concerning this? I howled.

It had been in this moment that I knew

I had to obtain my practical a fresh vacuum.

All jokes aside, my Black & Decker handheld vacuum is my all-time favorite household gadget. I didnt realize it had been possible to build up an emotional attachment to an inanimate object, but my Dustbuster and I are practically joined at the hip.

I’m a chronic bed-snacker, and for reasons uknown I look for a concerning quantity of my hair on to the floor of my apartment every few days, so quick and frequent cleaning is crucial for me. I’ve a broom and dustpan and Ive tried Swiffering, however the old-fashioned broom method takes too much time and Swiffer pads feel wasteful, therefore i decided a dustbuster will be the best answer for the next reasons: It requires up without any space in my own apartment (I store mine under my couch), its extremely light for this type of powerful tool, also it only cost me 40 bucks. Its also an easy task to clean and contains removable filters, which means you just press a button release a the handle from the filter compartment, and shake it out in to the trash.


Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

$40.98 at Amazon

If it aint broke, dont correct it: Theres grounds dustbuster-model vacuums have stood the test of time. I genuinely use mine multiple times each day. It requires me most of about a minute to vacuum the complete floor of my bedroom, and all I must do is hold down a button and aim. It accumulates just about anythingfrom stray hairs to broken glassand at an impressive 1.4 pounds, this Black & Decker bad boy is enough light. If you were longing for an integral arm workout, youd be S.O.L.but if you want to get Milano cookie detritus off your pillowcases, this is actually the best answer.

Strapped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is perfect for safe recharging, this model also has a small and inconspicuous dock for easy storage and charging in a single. This little sucker holds enough juice in one charge for me personally to completely clean each room of my little two-bedroom apartment. A pal of mine, who Ive changed into a fellow dustbuster fanatic, charged hers up and took it on a road trip for just about any sand and spills in the carhonestly, genius.

If my word isnt enough, possibly the two-thousand-odd five-star ratings on Amazon will convince you: Dogs inside your home? GET THIS. Accumulates everything, writes one relieved reviewer. Also to really enter and around all of the nooks and crannies of one’s floor, couch, or your ride the vacuum also posseses an upholstery brush and crevice tool (their words, not mine) for a good deep clean.

Stay classy, clean freaks.

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