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An Olympic Boxer Shared 7 Exercises to improve Your Punching Power

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It might seem that simply weight lifting will probably be enough to assist you grow strength and enhance your punching power in thering, nevertheless, you, the more size you build, the more that could count as “non-functional” muscle that actually gets in the form of your speed and mobility. In a fresh video on his YouTube channel, Olympic medalist and undefeated boxing champion Tony Jeffries is joined by author and former Men’s Health fitness director B.J. Gaddour C.S.C.S., who demonstrates seven exercises which can only help you hone your agility and speed, in addition to pure strength.

Self-Assisted Single-Arm Pushup

“A very important factor people overlook with regards to punching power; a stronger muscle has the capacity to create more power,” says Gaddour. “That is likely to put more excess weight using one side of one’s body, in order that you’re strengthening each arm independently, and when you can begin getting proficient at these, you are going to have plenty of strength behind your punches.”

Band Resistance

Incorporating resistance bands into a few of your punching drills is a superb solution to put additional strain on the muscles, explains Gaddour, because the tension increases since it stretches out, and it pulls your arm back to its starting position.

Single-Leg Hip Thrust

The legs and hips are your biggest resources of power, and that means you have to be training the low body sufficiently. That is essentially a progression of the glute bridge, which helps strengthen imbalances on each side and engage the hips without recruiting the trunk muscles. So when it involves hardly any spinal stress, Gaddour suggests it as a safer option to the deadlift.

Kettlebell Swing

“Form is everything in this,” says Gaddour. “It’s mostly of the movements that trains extension of the ankle, knee and hip in a horizontal trajectory, similar to your punches will undoubtedly be.” In addition, it works the posterior side of your body, providing balance to all or any of this anterior work you’re also doing.

Overhead Ball Slam

It is a great move for building total body power, so when Gaddour highlights, it gets the mental health bonus of permitting you to vent your stress. The main element to performing it really is to ensure you are not flexing the spine forward an excessive amount of, but rather dropping your hips.

Med Ball Shot Put

This mimics the number of motion of a punch, and will be achieved against a wall by yourself, or with somebody. “That is a thing that it is possible to tell whether you’re punching straight or you’re punching across,” says Jeffries, explaining that punching diagonally wastes that power you’ve been building.

Weighted Pullup

“Boxers are generally very rounded and hunched forward, since they actually work the muscles in leading of your body and not a whole lot in the trunk,” says Gaddour. “Which means this will probably help increase your current chest muscles strength, and yes, you punch together with your legs and hips too, but a solid chest muscles does boost your overall power potential.”

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