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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Celebrating Tomato-Throwing With A Tomato T-Shirt

You say tomato, we say “yes please”

Tomato Town
Image: Nintendo

It’s almost the finish of August, this means it’s almost time for Spain’s La Tomatina festival, a meeting where the residents of Valencian town Buol throw a lot of the goopy red fruits at one another before town square appears like ragu.

Isabelle’s apparently just keep coming back from her holidays in Spain, because she’s made a decision to celebrate this messy festival with in-game items for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, much like other festive events and items which are released over summer and winter.

That in question is really a bold and bright T-shirt with a tomato and the term “tomate” onto it, that is you guessed it the Spanish for “tomatoes”. And appearance at the eye to detail in this picture: Tomato boxes, growing tomatoes, pizza and stuffed tomatoes, red hair… You may also see Ketchup in the trunk there, wondering if this all counts as cannibalism.

Grab your tomato T-shirt prior to the 31st August, that is when La Tomatina occurs, and you will be the talk of the tomat-own. Tomato. Town. Hmm.

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