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Anne Heche REMOVED Life Support

Anne Heche REMOVED Life Support

8/14/2022 7: 48 PM PT

Anne Heche has been removed life support, greater than a week after her tragic accident.

A rep for the actress tells TMZ, “Anne Heche has been peacefully removed life support.” TMZ broke the story, doctors planned to take Anne off life support Sunday afternoon and commence a procedure to harvest a few of her organs for donation.

It isn’t clear just how many donor matches Anne can help or which organs should be donated.

Once we reported, Anne was declared dead on Friday, and by California law means the individual has died. The actress was continued life support to help keep her heart beating preserve her organs for donation.

TMZ broke the story, Anne was involved with a horrific motor vehicle accident August 5 when she drove her Mini Cooper into an L.A. area home — she was very badly burned in the accident and lost consciousness soon after — Anne never arrived of a coma.

She was 53.


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