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Anthony Hopkins’ NFT Collection Features His Own Artworks and Movie Roles

Sir Anthony Hopkins is dropping “The Eternal Collection”, his first NFT drop, in September. The unique digital assets are a fascinating blend between Hopkins’ most famous movie roles and his imagination as a visual artist.

From Hannibal Lecter to Odin, the Oscar-winning actor will give us an insight into his imagination – here’s everything we know so far:

image of an Anthony Hopkins NFT
Sir Anthony Hopkins drops his debut NFT collection this fall, much to collectors’ delight. Credit: Orange Comet

What should you know about Anthony Hopkins’ NFTs?

Anthony Hopkins is officially launching his own NFT collection titled “Eternal Collection”. Accordingly, the digital assets are inspired by 10 of the most significant movie roles Hopkins has ever played. The list includes Hannibal Lecter of “The Silence of the Lambs” and the iconic “Thor” character Odin.

Surprisingly, Hopkins will portray each of these characters in a unique manner, using his own painting style. To clarify, there will be 10 archetypes imagined by the actor himself. For example, the “Rebel” archetype is wearing Hannibal Lecter’s iconic mask. Meanwhile, The Hero is a balance between darkness and light.

All in all, there will be 1,111 NFTs ready to find their holders.

images of Anthony Hopkins NFTs
The Eternal Collection will consist of 10 unique archetypes conceptualized by Anthony Hopkins himself. Credit: Orange Comet

When will the new NFT collection drop?

Anthony Hopkins’ Eternal Collection NFTs will drop in mid-September via the Orange Comet NFT platform. However, the NFTs will launch in three phases over three consecutive days as follows:

  1. Iconic Category

    This drop will include a 1:1 NFT animation that showcases all of Hopkins’ 10 archetypes. In addition, the collectible comes with framed prints of the NFT artworks and the Art Book “Dreamscapes” featuring Hopkins’ paintings and poems. The best part? A brunch with Sir Anthony Hopkins himself!
  2. Legendary Category

    For this drop, there will be 10 1:1 animated NFTs – each depicting one character archetype. These collectibles will come with framed NFT art prints, an exclusive Discord meeting with Anthony Hopkins, and an autographed “Dreamscapes” Art Book.
  3. Distinguished Category

    There will be 1,000 NFTs, or 100 collectibles for each of the 10 archetypes. Five lucky holders will be able to attend a Discord discussion with Anthony Hopkins. Meanwhile, 39 randomly-selected buyers will receive autographed “Dreamscapes” Art Books.

In addition, all of the NFT holders will get an exclusive audio file of Anthony Hopkins explaining his vision of the ten archetypes.

image of an Anthony Hopkins NFT
Anthony Hopkin’s NFT collection will drop in mid-September. Credit: Orange Comet

What is Orange Comet?

Orange Comet is a team of Web3 specialists aiming to help creators deliver NFTs uniquely. Accordingly, the group can guide clients on their NFT journey from concept to marketing.

The platform’s most successful collaborations to date are The Walking Deads and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Orange Comet was co-founded by international superstar Gloria Estefan, entrepreneur Randy Perkins, and Super Bowl winner Kurt Warner, among others.

Starting September, Anthony Hopkins will join the list of personalities featured on the platform with his Eternal Collection.

“The Metaverse offers an incredible opportunity to connect with an audience in an entirely different way,” the actor said in a statement. “I’m probably the oldest guy in the NFT community and on social media, which proves all is possible at any age.”

Anthony Hopkins is no stranger to NFTs, though. Last year, Anthony Hopkins released his own movie “Zero Contact” as an NFT – you can read all about it right here!

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