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ApeCoin DAO: Foundation Claims DAO Risks Vulnerability Without Its Help

ApeCoin DAOs Ape Foundation recently submitted a proposal to increase its tenure by 90 days. Based on the Foundations proposal, not extending beyond September 30 will put the DAO in peril. Moreover, the DAO would belong to a vulnerable period where it lacks actionable operational procedures. However, many BAYC members are questioning this proposal, especially because the Foundation members were each paid $125K for half a year of service.

graphic representing ApeCoin DAO and Ape Foundation
The ApeCoin DAOs Foundations recent proposal is dividing Apes.

What’s the Ape Foundations Proposing?

Based on the Ape Foundation and ApeCoins official Twitter, the three-month extension has been proposed because the community have not submitted alternative proposals to make sure a smooth transition. This consists of deciding who could dominate, what elections would appear to be, and so forth.

The proposal states: The shortage to-date of a residential area AIP on elections confirms that the election process as written in the governance materials is ambiguous and lacks sufficient detail. Therefore, the Foundations rationale is an abrupt ending will expose the ApeCoin DAO to chaos and risks.

It continues on to say that extension would make sure that the DAO is compliant with all regulations. It could also enable the building blocks to focus on a thorough electoral framework and invite the city to acknowledge a smooth electoral process.

When it comes to costs, exactly the same costs agreed in the initial proposal apply. Which means that each board member will continue steadily to get a hefty sum to fulfil their duties.

What’s the Ape communitys opinion?

Community members usually do not want to start to see the DAO collapse due to a insufficient structure. However, many question whether extending the Boards tenure is the greatest solution to proceed.

Currently, the Ape Foundation members are Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co-founder), Amy Wu (Head of Ventures & Gaming at FTX), Maaria Bajwa (Principal at Sound Ventures), Yat Siu (Co-founder & Chairman of Animoca Brands) and Dean Steinbeck (President & General Counsel at Horizen Labs). Community members are calling for more representation from community members without links to companies that could have third-party interests.

Some explain these individuals were already paid $125K for half a year of service. Because of this, they ought to have discussed a remedy throughout their tenure, instead of asking for an expensive extension. Moreover, some Apes are criticizing them for not communicating sooner rather than being as mixed up in community as you might expect from the board member.

However, other Apes have mentioned that when a no vote succeeds, the city will undoubtedly be stumbling around for months to locate a new process. Furthermore, some are insisting that the building blocks members have the required networks and connections to push the DAO forward.

Concerning the ApeCoin DAO and Foundation

Like other DAOs, the ApeCoin DAO is really a decentralized government targeted at building and owning a global community. Members can submit ideas, comments, proposals, and vote in it.

The APE Foundation is referred to as the steward of ApeCoin. It facilitates community-led governance and is in charge of administering the DAOs decisions. Furthermore, additionally it is in charge of day-to-day administration, accounting and compliance with legal requirements.

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