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Aphex Twin’s free ‘sample mashing’ app feeds on your own music library

Aphex Twin is finally prepared to offer his mutation-driven music software to the planet. Pitchfork notes Aphex Twin (aka Richard James) and engineer Dave Griffiths have released Samplebrain, a free of charge “sample mashing” app that turns audio recordings from your own computer into sample blocks you may use for projects. It is possible to recreate an example using tracks in your music library, or craft a “303 riff” from unexpected sounds.

The app comes in ready-to-use versions for Mac and Windows computers. It is possible to create a Linux-friendly edition aswell. As Pitchfork warns, you might need some technical know-how to utilize the app this is not for rookie musicians.

Samplebrain is a very long time coming, to place it mildly. James said he first envisioned the app in 2002, when Drukqs was his latest release. He revealed that he’d hired an engineer to focus on the program in 2014 (when he returned to music with Syro), but didn’t say much else as yet. There’s a justification for that, apparently. James and Griffiths realized the project became “slightly uncontrollable” because they added a growing number of parameters, and James admitted he hasn’t had enough time to “explore [Samplebrain] properly.” It is a bid to finally put the tool in creators’ hands, even though it’s in a rough form.

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