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APM Solutions Venture into AI and DevOps

For market segment as stable as application performance monitoring (APM), for individual vendorseven mature established vendorsto stick out takes a unique approach or feature set. At the minimum, APM tools must now track applications running in myriad locations, whether on-premises, on public or private cloud platforms, distributed as a microservice, or on a mobile device.

In his latest report, GigaOm Radar for Application Performance Monitoring (APM), analyst Ron Williams evaluates several current APM offerings. He reports standards within the APM space are minimal, but several solutions are beginning to differentiate themselves by sharing data in vendor-agnostic formats.

The usage of AI is increasing among practically all vendors reviewed in this report. While AI/ML can analyze massive levels of data and much more quickly provide valuable insights, all of the APM vendors are delivering differing degrees of true AI functionality.

Adopting OpenTelemetry is now one factor, but remains slightly less prevalent than AI. The open-source project OpenTelemetry could give a consistent approach to transferring vendor-agnostic libraries and APIs to greatly help gather and distribute trace, metric, and log data; that ought to help APM vendors focus more on system functionality and less on data transfer. While virtually all vendors are incorporating AI, not absolutely all are embracing OpenTelemetry, which means this will remain one factor to view.

Table 1: Impact of Features on Metrics

A few of the competent APM vendors have made implementation easier within existing environments already committed to their other solutions. This consists of companies like BMC, Broadcom, and Micro Focus. Adopting their APM offerings is more straightforward when put into their other infrastructure components.

And in addition, Microsoft follows an identical path. In his report, Williams states Microsofts APM tool ties in well for shops adopting everything Microsoft. You can find advantages to this process, as other APM solutions can indeed monitor .NET environments, but dont quite reach the scope or depth which Microsoft is capable.

On the list of more present challenges to keep an eye on when contemplating APM are deployment and implementation costs. These costs could be a challenge to accurately determine across hybrid cloud and on-site environments. Vendors naturally provide professional services to aid with implementation, but that further increases the cost.

Something to view for later on of APM solutions is increasing degrees of DevOps integration and predictive analysis. IBM Instana has already been relocating that direction by featuring CI/CD integration, and the Netreo now features anomaly prediction.

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