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Appear and Deutsche Telekom IT success story: latency busting OTT collaboration

Innovative approaches used to operate a vehicle latency over OTT right down to levels on par with satellite and cable distribution

Appear, the global leader in media processing and delivery technology, revealed its latency busting OTT collaboration with Deutsche Telekom in a nomination for off the shelf latency decrease in OTT as of this years IBC Innovation Awards.


As Germanys leading telco, Deutsche Telekom provides industry leading services and products to its customer base. With research from Appear indicating that investments in broadband could have significant effect on the broadcast industry, the necessity for strong OTT offerings is clear. Actually, Deutsche Telekom predicted this dating back to 2019, indicating a have to lower latency. Its this long-term sight on the market that led Deutsche Telekom to choose Appear as somebody in this endeavour. Understanding than any solution would want unshakeable reliability and incredible flexibility, both hallmarks of Appear hardware.


After initial work to operate a vehicle down latency on the trunk of the worthiness chain by optimising player buffer and segment sizes, Deutsche Telecom go about honing all of those other value chain. Having caused Appear almost since its inception, Deutsche Telecom made a decision to utilize the X Platform because the centre little bit of its OTT value chain. The X Platforms extreme density managed to get a clear choice, using its capability to fit several UHD channels with a big ABR bitrate ladder into one chassis, while maintaining suprisingly low latency and reaching the finest quality video over OTT.

An integral portion of the project was the desire from Deutsche Telekom to create the worthiness chain with off the shelf modularity baked into its design. Deutsche Telekom used a best of breed method of cherry-pick interoperable blocks. With the pace of development in the OTT space being as rapid since it is, Deutsche Telekom understood there must be flexibility included in the system in order that pieces could possibly be upgraded and configured as so when is essential. Unlike bespoke, purpose-built hardware, off the shelf units could be easily replaced. Developing a template that’s an easy task to maintain, upgrade, scale and replicate.


The outcome, after 3 years of implementation, product development and consultation is really a fully functioning OTT value chain already in production utilizing a channel from the well-known German broadcaster bouquet for validation and testing. Deutsche Telekom has recently achieved latency figures on par with classic satellite distribution, given exactly the same input signal, measured in both production environment and in Appears Oslo testing environment.

Speaking on the collaboration, Koen van Benschop, Manager TV Headend at Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH said, OTT will probably be a decisive battleground for operators. Though satellite and cable are popular among German customers, the tides are turning. Customers want choice in how they connect to content, they need full control over what they watch so when.

Another generation of viewers are native OTT consumers, so to help keep pace using them we had a need to develop our OTT capabilities. Weve caused Appear for a long period, the modularity and flexibility of these hardware made them a clear choice in this project. That is to state nothing of the unbelievable reliability of these units, which weve useful for a long time.

Latency is really a killer with regards to customers enjoyment of content. Said Thomas B. Jrgensen, CEO of Appear. If youre watching an integral football match for the local team, the final thing you need would be to hear your neighbour roaring in excitement 30 seconds before you can start to see the action. That completely ruins the knowledge for them. Customers tend to be very forgiving of latency on handheld devices, but since it moves to the silver screen that becomes unacceptable.

Combining the established great things about OTT with the live show of cable and satellite will undoubtedly be imperative to winning over customers in the coming years. Deutsche Telekom are a business leader because of this very reason. They saw this shift dating back to 2019 and began early to handle the near future demands of these customers. Were proud to utilize a globally recognised leader in the telco space and appearance forward to working closely on other innovative projects like this.


About Appear

Appear is really a leading provider of media processing and delivery technology. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway sufficient reason for customers in over 100 countries, Appear supplies the backbone that production companies, telcos and broadcasters depend on to create immersive live experiences easy for their viewers. With world-class products and expertise, Appears concentrate on modularity, efficiency and top quality helps customers stay before competition in market where expectations and requirements are constantly changing and evolving.

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