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Apple employees viral TikTok highlights an integral iPhone feature you should know

An Apple employee went viral on TikTok a couple of days ago by explaining an important iPhone security feature that each user should become aware of. Paris Campbell was answering a note from an iPhone user whose iPhone have been stolen. The thieves tried to convince the victim to eliminate the Activation Lock feature that made her iPhone unusable and unsellable. They tried to scare the victim into thinking her data was at an increased risk.

Campbells clip went viral the moment she had posted it. Its topping 7.5 million views during writing. Also, it got Campbell in big trouble with her employer, as Apple wanted her to eliminate the clip.

What’s Activation Lock on iPhone?

We often discuss iPhone security and privacy, two core top features of these devices that Apple keeps improving. And there are many what to improve both aspects when using an Apple device. But possibly the most significant thing you should do on your own iPhone to help keep it secure is sign into your Apple ID and also have the Find My feature enabled.

That may not look like a problem. But coupled with a solid screen password, it could make sure that your data stays safe if your device is lost or stolen.

Moreover, the thieves will never be in a position to reset the handset and reactivate it without your password. Plus they cant sell it on the black market.

Knowing that, you need to ignore anyone contacting you with threats to expose your computer data from the iPhone they stole from you. Provided that its password-protected and activation-locked, it is possible to remotely wipe the info. And you may rest knowing the thieves cant sell it.

Campbells explained this security feature at length in the viral TikTok clip below.

The unexpected side-effect

Despite describing an excellent iPhone, iPad, and Mac security feature to reassure a person, Apple didn’t appreciate Campbells identifying herself being an Apple employee on social media marketing. Campbell explained the iPhones Activation Lock feature without mentioning that she worked for Apple explicitly. However, the hints were relatively strong.

The clip hit 5 million views on the initial day. But this prompted scrutiny from Apple, based on the same Campbell. She published yet another clip on the platform a couple of days following the iPhone Activation Lock explainer. Thats where she provided additional information about her disagreements with Apple. That video follows below, having just passed 800,000 views.

Campbell, as it happens, has quite the social media marketing following on TikTok, with an increase of than 440,000 people following her.

Having said that, every iPhone user ought to know concerning the iPhone Activation Lock feature. Youll find more information from Apple as of this link which should assist you to understand and utilize the feature in the event that you dont already do.

For Campbells viral videos and her career at Apple, youll need to follow her on TikTok to discover what goes on next.

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