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Apple leak points to a September event having an iPhone 14 mini?

iPhone 13 mini

Might Apple to push out a successor to the iPhone 13 mini in the end?(Image credit: TechRadar)

A lot of the iPhone 14 rumors so far have suggested that Apple isn’t likely to produce an iPhone 14 mini, and can instead release an iPhone 14 Max because the fourth flagship style of 2022 but a fresh leak rows against that tide.

In accordance with 91mobiles (opens in new tab) and Evan Blass two well-known resources of leaks with strong track records among Apple’s Asian partners is likely to stock seven new devices the following month. Those devices apparently include an iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Pro, an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and… an iPhone 14 mini.

If that wasn’t enough to improve several eyebrows, the list is rounded out by the 10th-generation entry-level 10.2-inch iPad, and two new iPad Pros (an 11-inch model and a 12.9-inch model).

Almost every other tipsters are predicting we won’t see new iPads until October, but this leak has them appearing at the iPhone 14 unveiling.

The simple truth is on the market

Add all that up also it looks as if this partner information may be wrong but it’s worth reporting on exclusively for the history of the sources involved. Blass accurately leaked information beforehand concerning the Google Pixel Watch, among a great many other devices, for instance.

These details have appeared at all is proof how difficult it really is to create devices in secret. While companies like Apple, Samsung and Google could probably track their very own employees, a complete host of third parties from international retailers to phone case makers have to be told what’s coming in advance.

Knowing that we present this rumor for the consideration: it will be an enormous surprise, but perhaps you will see a successor to the iPhone 13 mini in the end. As well as perhaps Apple really wants to save time by unveiling its new iPhones and iPads all at once – although that still seems hugely unlikely at this time.

Analysis: picking apart the rumors

As we’ve said, it’s problematic for new smartphones or tablets to launch without the sort of leaks or rumors happening beforehand. As with the united kingdom and European soccer transfer window, nowadays most announcements are discussed well before them actually happening.

Not merely do companies have the issue of keeping a lid on the plans, in addition they know that there is a large amount of fascination with these upcoming devices.

That subsequently drives publications and social media marketing users to push just as much speculative information as you possibly can which again is comparable with regards to players switching soccer teams.

We wouldn’t say that is the case using this type of rumor: the sources involved listed below are usually reliable, and do not post predictions simply for the clicks. As noted in the 91mobiles article, the facts concerning the iPhone 14 mini and the iPads result from among the largest Apple distributors in the Asian region.

Having said that, its imperative to take any leak or rumor in context, and due to the fact we’ve seen so many sources mentioning two standard-sized iPhones and two larger iPhones creating the iPhone 14 range, we will take this new information with a pinch of salt as well as perhaps wonder if that is emergency prep work instead of nailed-on launch items.

However, you won’t ever know…

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