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Apple now enables you to edit and unsend iMessages on your own iPhone. Here’s how exactly to take action

Now you can edit and delete iMessages on iOS16.

Sofia Pitt

Apple’s latest iPhone software update, iOS 16, was released Monday. It includes a feature which could save you from your own worst autocorrect failures. Now you can edit and delete iMessages you’ve already sent.

You should have only two minutes to unsend an iMessage and 15 minutes to edit an iMessage. This perk fails with SMS texts, the sort that arrive as green bubbles rather than blue ones. Also it only works if your partner you’re texting also offers iOS 16 installed.

IOS 16 can be acquired for everyone having an iPhone released in 2017 or later.

Here’s how exactly to edit and delete messages on iOS 16.

To edit an iMessage on iOS 16

iMessage in edit mode on iOS16.

Sofia Pitt

  • Open iMessage.
  • Press and contain the message you wish to edit.
  • AN INSTANT Actions menu can look.
  • Tap Edit.
  • Choose Edit to improve the message.
  • Once you’re done editing, hit the blue check mark.
  • It is possible to edit an individual message around five times.
  • You should have 15 minutes from enough time you sent it to improve your message.

Edited text on iMessage using iOS16.

Sofia Pitt

To unsend an iMessage on iOS 16

Editing and deleting iMessages on iOS16 only works if both phones are running on iOS16.

Sofia Pitt

  • Open iMessage.
  • Press and contain the message you wish to unsend.
  • AN INSTANT Actions menu can look.
  • Tap Undo Send.
  • Undo Send works around two minutes after sending.
  • Once you make an effort to unsend iMessages which were delivered to someone running iOS 15 or earlier software, they could still be in a position to see them.
  • If the individual you’re texting has iOS 16, a note can look saying you unsent a text. The individual you’re texting won’t know very well what that message was, so long as they didn’t visit a preview of this text once the original iMessage was sent.

That’s it! Again, it only works in the event that you and the individual you’re texting have the update installed. You can examine by visiting Settings > General > About. Unless you see iOS 16 listed, then head to Settings > General > Software Update on your own iPhone.

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